Agility Dylan Training


We had fun with weaves at training this week. He did so well on the Wicked Weaves course at the weekend, but there were no really difficult entries and I was able to stay with him the whole time, but it reminded me that we did need to work a bit more on our weaves!

Offside entries are still weaker than nearside, he can hit nearside entries from any angle (including distance 180s, whoo!).

I still have to work on running on ahead as this does cause him to pop sometimes in competitions, but it’s a hard thing to train as he feels confident at training about being left behind. It’s actually really tough trying to make him pop in training!

The word “no” is banned at training but I use other verbal NRMs. (It’s usually “what a cheat!” although I use “that’s not a wait!” quite a lot these days as well). I had a discussion with one of our other handlers on verbal markers and it made me really listen to what I was doing! Of course, Dyl gets 2 chances at something and if we get it wrong the second time, we make it easier, so it’s not like he hears a lot of NRMs anyway. Especially compared to the amount of RMs!