Blogging is kind of lonely.

I’ve been writing in this blog since Dylan was 5 months old. I started because of a community called Ruffdogs, which has long since disappeared. I made some friends there that I still have today. They kickstarted this whole thing.

I’ve documented Dylan’s entire competitive agility career here, from the days when he started his first training sessions to his retirement. The other dogs have made appearances, but the intention was always to talk about Dyl. And it has been wonderful and cathartic and personal, and then Dylan retired and I have no real motivation to blog any more. I couldn’t figure out why, for a long time.

Every single one of my dogs has many, many lessons to teach me. I’m still learning from all of them, every day. Dylan retired from competitive agility but he is still teaching, and this most recent lesson wasn’t about patience, or frustration, or persistance, or overcoming fear. It was about recognising that sometimes there is a better way to communicate with the world and the people around me.

Blogging has been me talking into the void, and not really looking for a reply other than what’s in my own head. Blogging has been kind of lonely. I’m beginning to realise that right now, there are better ways for me to talk to people.

Come talk to me on Twitter (that’s public, so you don’t need to follow me).

The dogs and I have Instagram too (that’s private, so you’ll need to send a follow request).

Or talk to me in person too; come find me at agility shows and say hi. (Just run up and say hi, no stalking required).

Rio + IThank you.