Trijem Poppin Candy


#1 BFA ASD 2018

Red Tricolour Bitch (Spayed)
Sire: Casa de Filler for Dreamweaver
Dam: CH Touchstone Lovely Rita Oakhill
Full Tail

HC-HSF4 Hereditary Clear
Cobalamin Malabsorption/IGS Clear
COI 0%

Rio has dietary intolerance for most things, including grains and potato. She has had B12 supplements since 2016 due to a B12 deficiency, but has tested negative for hereditary IGS. She had a large heptacellular carcinoma (liver tumour) removed in April 2019, during which time she also suffered polycythemia. As of 2021, she continues to baffle veterinary medicine with a range of obscure blood results.