Return of the Kim AW(S)

Call Name: Kim
Breed: JRT x Whippet x Something Else
Date of Birth: December 2000
KC Registered Name: Return of the Kim
Titles: AW(S) FD FDi FDg FDa FD-Silver FD-Gold FD-Blue BAD-Bronze

Kim was born at John Whitaker’s yard in Upper Cumberworth. She was probably destined to be an agility and flyball dog, growing up around all those showjumpers. It’s probably what gave her a superiority complex.

How can I even start to describe Kim? She’s noisy, bitchy, possessive, impatient, stubborn and spoilt. She isn’t affectionate or loving; people are there to pander to her whims and commands, and that’s about it. That might involve you stroking her beautiful velvet ears, or rubbing her pristine white belly, or even holding her dainty paws, but it’s all for her enjoyment, not yours. Kim isn’t a princess, she’s a queen holding full court.

And yet. I love all our dogs, but I love Kim more. I know you’re not supposed to say that, but she owns it. She’s fiesty and independent and smart. She knows what “sausages” means, and you can’t make a comment about smelly things without her running and hiding, because she has learnt that smelly is a word associated with baths.

She hates the cold and the wet, hates swimming but loves snow. Despite her desire to roll on the most disgusting products nature can produce, she is fastidious about keeping clean and, given an hour, can emerge looking sparkling white (the smell does linger though). She hates puppies but loves big manly-male dogs, but generally just tolerates other dogs as a nuisance you can’t get rid of. She smiles at people she likes, and can always be found in the highest perch or the warmest spot in the house.

Kim is happiest in a noisy room full of people where she is the centre of attention, and therefore she loved competing at Crufts 2007. Really though, she’s happy anywhere if there is someone to pay her the attention she feels she is due, and it never takes long to find someone. She looks at you with her big, brown, sad eyes, and nobody can resist.

Kim passed her Good Citizen Dog Scheme (Bronze) in April 2006 with flying colours. She retired from agility and flyball in 2012 to become a lady of luxury and leisure.


After a disasterous first outing, we began competing properly in agility during the summer season 2005, and Kim was measured as a borderline Large. We spent 2005 and 2006 hoping to win out of Elementary, and Kim nearly did it on several occasions, coming closest with a 4th in Starters Agility. However, at the end of 2006 Kim got her second measuring and confirmed what I’d suspected all along – she was a Medium. (Well, she is noisy and argumentative!)

Kim won out of Grade 4 at Newton Heath’s February show in 2009, but then suffered a strain injury to her back that put her out of action for a couple of months, and then had another four months off whilst a lump was removed from her back. She returned to competition in August 2009, got her Agility Warrant Silver, and a year later Kim won into Grade 6 in August 2010. She semi-retired to doing three or four shows a year, but still got 3 Agility wins toward Grade 7 before retiring in July 2012.

As well as being Grade 5 at Kennel Club shows, Kim also competed at BAA competitions. She was a Graduate Medium dog, the equivilent to a KC Grade 6 Medium. In the 06/07 season she qualified for the Grand Prix Introductory Agility Final and the Grand Prix Introductory Jumping Final, and was named Introductory Medium Dog of the Year. In the 07/08 season she qualified for and came 2nd in the Grand Prix Primary Jumping Final.

In 2005 and 2006 we also competed in the YKC Team Agility, and qualified for and competed at Crufts 2007.

  • Crufts YKC Team Agility 2007 Finalist
  • Crufts YKC Flyball Finalist 2007
  • BAA Introductory Medium Dog of the Year 2006/07
  • Lurcher League II Grade 2 Top Point Scorer 2007
  • Ruffdogs Agility League Grades 1/2 Top Point Scorer 2007
  • BAA Grand Prix Introductory Agility Finalist 2007
  • BAA Grand Prix Introductory Jumping Finalist 2007
  • BFA Summer Championships 2007 Division 8 Winner
  • BAA Grand Prix Primary Jumping Final 2008 Runner-Up
  • BFA British Flyball Championships 2009 Division 24 Winner
  • Dog Vegas Small/Medium Combined 3-5 Agility Finalist 2009
  • BAA Medium Team Trios Challenge Finalist 2009


Kim spent 2003 competing in a few BFA Flyball Starters tournaments, and then made her real competitive debut at Selby, Easter 2004. She was flawless and gained her 200 points Flyball Dog award.

I later made the decision to try and do more flyball, so we began competing with Leeds ‘Owlers in March 2007. Kim fits in well with the Owlers as she’s incredibly noisy and rather competitive! She’s a very reliable dog and will run anywhere in the team with the same enthusiasm and speed. At training, Kim takes things a bit easier; as she’s small and light, she is ideal for helping to train inexperienced or nervous dogs to do changeovers, and although it’s a job she does grudgingly she’s very good at it.

Kim was part of the team that won Divison 8 at the 2007 BFA Summer Championships and the Division 24 winners at the 2009 British Flyball Championships. Kim used to run at around 4.6 over 13″ jumps, but age has slowed her down a little. At the end of 2008 she was running consistent 5s times over 13″. The 2009 rule change means she is now a 12″ height dog, and was running 4.7s times over 9″ through 2010. She retired at Sutton Fields in September 2011, getting her final points for her Ice Blue Moon (20,000pts) award.

Kim is also trained in Crufts flyball, although she is currently retired. She took to Crufts-type flyball in just two sessions, and became Crufts 2007 qualified at her first competition. She ran beautifully at Crufts as lead dog and didn’t put a paw wrong all day – we ended up finishing a fantastic 4th in the YKC competition.


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