Red Mollie Yellow Mollie

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Call Name: Mollie (aka Crazy Mol, The Mol, Smolbear, Crazy Old Lady, Old Lady Mol, Nutcase)
Breed: Border Collie cross
Date of Birth: Approx. 1999
KC Registered Name: Red Mollie Yellow Mollie
Titles: FD FDi FDg FDa FD-Silver

1999 – 2013

Mollie left us in February 2013 after a short illness. We miss her every day.

There is no way to accurately describe Mollie. She’s an experience. She’s got stumpy legs and a barrel body and a big head, she’s got no back-end awareness (or front-end awareness, actually), her eyesight is going and she’s missing a few teeth. But she makes up for it in enthusiasm, and somehow the enthusiasm wins.

Mollie loves swimming, loves puppies, loves destroying soft toys, stealing food, and woo-wooing at other dogs, but most of all she loves flyball. She’s daft as a brush, madly affectionate towards people she knows and loves, and can materialise herself a ball in any situation. They gravitate towards her, somehow.

She is reckless and fearless and gets excited about vet trips, and as she’s been so many times she knows all the vet nurses, exactly which kennel is best, and how to sucker cuddles off everyone. Her numerous vet trips are due to the plain fact that she is unbelievably clumsy. It fits in with the fearless, reckless lifestyle; no other dog would chase after a ball and plough through a wall head first because it was the shortest route.

Mollie is a rescue dog; she was found as a stray in May 2004, having recently had puppies. She was walking on the moors, very footsore, very bald, and very overweight. Luckily she was found by a friend of a friend, and found her way to us.

We know that someone, somewhere, loved her, fed her, and taught her beautiful heelwork, but they didn’t bother to find her and so we are lucky enough to have her now. Loud arguments and angry shouting are the only things to upset her, although touching her paws and attempting to brush her gorgeous coat does make her angry.

Mollie retired from competitive life in September 2012; her eyesight is beginning to fade, and she is now teaching all the new puppy flyball dogs how to behave in competition.


Flyball Mol

Mollie’s real forte is flyball. She would flyball all day every day, and everyone who has ever met her will attest to her complete and single-minded devotion to tennis balls. She competed in her first BFA Flyball competition at Selby in 2005. She got her 200 points at her second competition and is currently working towards her Flyball Dog Silver award. Mollie will run in any position, although she particularly loves running as lead dog, and she will throw in a few more runs for each race if she thinks she can get away with it. She has also proved herself to have an amazing memory as she knows exactly which dogs on the team (and sometimes on other teams!) are prone to drop their balls on the line.

Mollie was part of the team who won Division 8 at the BFA Summer Championships in 2007. We missed the 2008 Championships due to Kennel Cough, but came back to win Divison 24 at the British Flyball Championships 2009, where Mollie clocked 4.8s over 11″ with the world’s worst box turn. Mol came back again in 2010 and her team won Division 32 (out of 41), where she clocked an amazing 4.65 over 9″ hurdles, her best ever singles time at eleven years old.

She shows no signs of slowing down yet, and although we try to limit her to running over a maximum of 12″ hurdles, she won’t be retiring any time soon.

Mollie is trained in Crufts flyball but due to injury never got the chance to compete.


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