Play It By Ear AW(S)

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Name: Dylan
Breed: Working Sheepdog
Date of Birth: 21st April 2006
KC Registered Name: Play It By Ear
Titles: AW(S) FD FDi FDg FDa FD-Silver FD-Gold BAD-Bronze BAD-Diamond

Dylan came from an accidental litter on a farm, to two unregistered working dogs. His sire was a lovable flyball dog who ran in the same team as Kim, and that was how he found his way to us.

When we’re out and about, Dylan is always the one overlooked; everyone always loves Mollie for her sheer zest for life, or Kim because she’s so beautiful and dainty. Dylan isn’t the prettiest, or the most outgoing. He’s the one in the background, trying his hardest to be good, and yet always content with his lot, just happy to be included at all. It’s very hard not to love him when you know that.

Of course, secretly, Dylan is cheeky and talkative and snuggley. He has very expressive ears and a pokey nose that has extreme poking powers. He hates being told off, but give him 10minutes and he’s forgotten about it entirely, and is back to being cheerfully and adorably naughty again. The only time you will ever see Dylan curl his lip is to protect his teddy bear.

Dylan is a worrier about certain things; he worries about choosing between following Kim or following Mollie, worries about getting things wrong, worries about offending other dogs, about breathing in water when he’s swimming. On the other hand, he has never worried about food. In just one week, Dylan ate a fridge magnet, a mobile phone, a driving license and a glasses case. He amazes people with his ability to make the inedible, edible. So far this trait has caused everyone else to worry immensely, so perhaps he’s just getting his own back.

Despite worrying about stuff, Dylan’s favourite thing in the world is swimming, closely followed by agility and a traditional game of football. Flyball is probably 8th or 9th on the list, but it’s ok if he gets to run with the nice girls.

Dylan only has a small extended family, but we do know what some of them are up to. His dad Patch FD FDi FDg FDa was a succesful flyball dog, although was only lightly raced. His sister Jess FD FDi FDg FDa currently runs for Grasshoppers Flyball Team and his half-sister Kai (Kai in Flyte) is working Grade 7/Championship in agility.


Dylan won out of Grade 3 with a Combined 1-3 Agility win in July 2010. He won out again at his second Grade 4 show, taking him to Grade 5 for the winter season. He won out of Grade 5 at Dog Vegas in July 2011, and is currently having fun in Grade 6.

  • BAA Grand Prix Introductory Jumping Finalist 2008
  • BAA Maxi Team Trios Challenge 2009 THIRD PLACE
  • BAA Grand Prix Introductory Agility Finalist 2009
  • BAA Grand Prix Introductory Jumping Final 2009 THIRD PLACE
  • BAA British Open Championship 2010
  • BAA Grand Prix Novice Agility Finalist 2010
  • BAA Grand Prix Novice Jumping Final 2010 SECOND PLACE
  • Dog Vegas/First Contact G6 Final 2013 & 2014


Dylan spent a season in Starters, and then after several failed attempts, made his Open debut in 2008, getting his FD first time out at Sutton Fields. Despite some confidence-based setbacks over the years, he is very reliable and always always tries his hardest, but he does prefer running lead or anchor, where he can focus on being a good boy, and spend less time worrying about other dogs. We’re currently taking a break from flyball, but in the months preceding our break, Dyl was running consistent 4.6-7s over 9″.


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