Rio 14 Weeks

Well, nearly 15 weeks, I guess.

Recall is awesome at the moment, always rewarded with some variation on a treat, with jackpots when she recalls off something high-value. Had her first off-lead moment yesterday, only for 60s in the park, didn’t venture very far and low-value distractions but recalled twice with enthusiasm. Does not recall for anyone but me though, need to work on training my parents.

Flyball training is going very well – of course we’ve started already, what kind of slacker do you think I am?! Rio shaped onto the target very quickly, no problems there. We’re currently just transferring to the wall, which is hard work, we’re dithering between 1 paw and 2 paw hits. I will try and video this soon.

Very tug motivated, tug recalls are fab. Need to work on rewarding actions/tricks with tug, or switching between tug/treats.

Shaping with objects is good, not so good at thinking up her own stuff but “hinting” (ie. luring once or twice in a direction) is easy. I’m not a clicker purist, I don’t care. Named tricks = sit, paw, down, left turn. Will offer flat, dead, beg. Shaping to push drawers/doors shut, will hit with paws but needs to lean on more.

Lots of little walks, increasingly confident meeting other dogs, not so sure about people, she’s ok if I’m carrying her (lots of happy face wiggles) but cautious or worried if on lead. Need to meet more people! Not thrilled with moderate-heavy traffic, particularly trucks/lorries/horseboxes. Walking in the rain proving difficult as gets distracted by the droplets falling off her paws when she walks.

Still very happy with unstable surfaces, set up a baby-seesaw (2″ drop either side) which she was bouncing all over, slamming down etc.

Border Collie Misidentification = 6.

Hare'n'Hounds Xmas 2011

Dylan had a complete meltdown in the first run, he didn’t start off very well but as we got to the seesaw he shut off entirely. I’ve never had that happen before and to be honest, I don’t know what I can do about it now; he was fine on the seesaw at training and at Tailwaggers, and in the other classes after his flyoff a month ago at HnH. I ignored it and carried on but I don’t know if that was the best thing to do.

First jumping was an ok course and we meandered round, Dylan still wasn’t going well and I think we went clear but in a very boring slow kind of way.

I missed walking G6-7 Agility and it was quite a tricky course, we had a very slow start (Aframe call-off, Dylan’s least favourite thing) but picked up. We got 5f for a missed dogwalk contact, which was a shame. Not a tear your hair out miss, just a no-stop miss, so I need to proof that more in competitions.

G5-7 Jumping was actually quite a hard course which I completely failed to walk, again, but I watched Tracy run Eric around and do a great job so I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do. We rocked the first part and then I forgot where I was going for a second, which meant we were very wide around to the weaves, not what I wanted! We finished 9th anyway, which is our first G6 placing, not too shabby. I know we have the training under our belt, we just need to lock into Dylan’s higher gears. We won’t win out of G6 but I’d like to hope we could get some placings.

His final run in the BC Jumping was his best run of the day, shame we got E’d! Much smoother, driven jumping, just a shame it took us five runs to get to that point. I thought I handled it ok but as Dylan sailed past me in the opposite direction to where I was going, maybe not. There is always something to work on!

I was not at all switched on, I missed walking all but 2 of his classes, much more concerned with making sure Rio was ok at her first show experience and chatting to Cat.

Rio 12 Weeks

Rio 12 Weeks

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That left ear was promising trouble even at this stage. It’s dropped into a rose fold at the moment, damn it!

Offering left turns on hand signals now, she’s learning faster than I can come up with new things to do. Our Elephant Trick morphed into “sitting on the box”, which I did not think she would be co-ordinated enough to do (it’s a small box!)

Breathe Easy

So, doing the list of what Rio is doing at 12 weeks actually made me breathe a little easier. I’ve been worried I’m not doing enough with her, but when seeing it all written out I feel like we’re doing ok. She’s only been here 2.5weeks, we’re fitting everything in. Her 14-days waiting for the vaccinations to clear is going to take us just past Hare’n’Hounds November, so I’m dithering a bit over whether to take her. She’ll be 2 days away from her “official” 2 week mark, I don’t know how much of a difference 2 weeks is going to make. I don’t intend to take her indoors anyway, and she’ll be meeting minimal dogs and people (for a show) as I don’t want to overwhelm her (or for her to meet inappropriate dogs and people!)

Dylan worked really well at training this week, super jumping style and lots of confidence, even on the seesaw. After the flyoff at Hare’n’Hounds I decided to take a slightly different approach, on the idea that Dyl does actually know what he should do, and maybe if I carried on as normal it wouldn’t repeat. So we didn’t train it in between Hare’n’Hounds and Tailwaggers, and then we didn’t train it the week after Tailwaggers either. This week was the first time he’s seen it again, and he was fine.

His aframe is looking really kind of lovely right now, I have no idea why. Not complaining, but it’s nice.

12 Weeks

Just notes so I remember what stage we were at!

Rio believes in early to bed, early to rise. Current wake up time is 5am, far too early. Bedtime between 7:30-8:30pm.

She can do Sit, Paw, and Down on command. Luring left turns as she’s showing more aptitude for the right side at the moment (she’s going to be a right turner in flyball like the other girls!). Shaping paw targets and the Elephant Trick specifically, and doing random shaping sessions with random objects. Can get one stride away on sit wait (no command yet). Much more inclined to interact with paws when training. Very happy to work with unstable surfaces, will push drawers/doors closed. Working for treats at the moment but is showing lots of toy drive and lots of tug drive (will engage with most toys offered by me, will swap between toys).

Beginning to understand that “Ready?” means time to do something. Understands “watch out” for gates/doors/people coming towards her. “Go” games excellent, now understands that kibble can be thrown away from her/me and will watch for it.

Recovery time to unexpected events is good, will back away on first visual/audio but will approach within 10-20s to investigate. Has only completely freaked out (run away/barking) about the noisy nail sander, but with one clicker shaping session will now glance/look at it and offer sit/paw/down within 6ft.

Leave it is good on low- and moderate-value objects, non-existent on high value objects. Recall similar, will recall away from low- and moderate-value distractions, non-existent on high value. Kim, Dyl, Mol = high value.

Lead walking going well, sit beforehand and “let’s go!” for a trot to heel. Travelling in car for up to 30 mins no problems, is happy to be left in car (always accompanied by Dylan or Mollie), only attempted up to 10-15mins at the moment. Has been to the car garage and sat in car whilst car battery was changed, very loud/lots of strangers in and out of the car, chilled during event.

Surprisingly well co-ordinated, can jump from standing start onto sofa/dining room chairs. Not encouraged, do not want Rio to dinner.

Happy to greet strangers (wigglebum) after second outing to meet and greet. She’s happy with low-traffic roads, not thrilled with moderate- to high-traffic – especially if cars have headlights on? Need to meet more children! (Had first mis-identification as Border Collie today, couldn’t be bothered to correct apparent BC owner.) Enjoys vet visits.

Will request to go out for toilet by going to the back door and glancing around at whoever is in the kitchen. Need to make sure everyone in household is aware of this and acts promptly!

Tiny Puppy

Rio’s litter was the Sweetie Litter (hence her KC name!), and she was called Crunchie.

The 6 week photos were taken when we first went to visit the litter and the breeder (and meet mum, dad, and a few other relatives).

Can’t believe how much she’s grown this past week, starting to look like a proper dog now.

Rio 11 weeks

I have a whole bunch of posts to make about Dylan and I at Hare’n’Hounds and at Tailwaggers but I haven’t got enough time. Puppies are hard work, who knew?!

Rio Update

Rio 10weeks

Most of the photos I have are blurry right now. Mainly because as soon as I crouch to take a photo, she runs towards me. Which is adorable, but not particularly photogenic.

She’s confident and independent and noisy and everything I love. Of course, being confident, independent and noisy also means she’s into everything/everywhere she shouldn’t be, which means when she’s out and about I have to watch her like a hawk. It’s been fun! She’s grown so much in just four days, her legs seem to be shooting up at a rate of knots.

We have finally settled into a routine which isn’t play-an-hour sleep-an-hour, so I’m getting a chance to get online for 30mins every now and then. She is 11 weeks next Monday and is having her second set of vaccinations, so she should be out and about at the end of the month. Just in time for Hare’n’Hounds Christmas show!

Rio 10weeks

Introducing …

Trijem Poppin Candy

Sire: Casa de Filler for Dreamweaver (imp AUS)
Dam: Touchstone Lovely Rita Oakhill (imp USA)

Finally got my beautiful Australian Shepherd girl. Expect 300billion photos in the next week, and a baby puppy photo post tomorrow (or as soon as I can manage it!). Still can’t quite believe this has all come together!