Category: Kim

  • The Team

    Felt a little bit like I had my own personal team of flyball dogs this week at Thursday training. Kim and Mollie are both back to competition next weekend in Starters with another of our older but experienced dogs, Lucy, and two of our proper Starter dogs. Mollie was so excited to be back, she […]

  • Retirement Party (Wigton 2012)

    Important things first: this was Kim’s last show. She was awesome, all happy and springy and running like an idiot and doing whatever she wanted. She had 2 clear rounds, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, and was just out of the placings in each. I really wanted her final win to get her […]

  • Training in the Park

    I decided today we needed to get out and do some agility training elsewhere, so I loaded a jump, Kim, and Rio into the car. It’s finally feeling like May, no rain! No sunshine either, but it’s warm outside, enough that I can wear my crocs and give my poor feet a break. I rubbed […]

  • Sunshine

    Finally something other than rain! Rio’s puppy training day sadly got cancelled; the high winds and downpours made being around the equipment unsafe, and I’ll admit I didn’t much fancy going out when I saw the state of the weather on Sunday morning. Hopefully we can find another training day some time soon. Today we […]

  • Puppy Tugger

    I’ve been remotivating myself this week, so Rio and I have had some specific goals to work on. Waits, and Tugging! Her wait training is going reasonably well; I find waits really boring to train which is probably why Kim doesn’t have one at all anymore, and Dylan’s has deteriorated to almost nothing. Oops. We’re […]

  • Maundy Thursday … More Snow

    The snow has stayed just long enough for some more photos. I think by tomorrow, or Saturday at the latest, it will be all gone again. The sun is out and the temperatures are on the rise. Kim is always happy to be in the snow, so much so that she will play race-chase games […]

  • Kim Explains

    Kimmy, you are so happy and smiley! How can you possibly hate this adorable little munchkin of a puppy? Look how cute she is! Oh, I see.

  • Drax & a Mollie Update

    Mollie is much better. We still aren’t sure what is wrong but she’s has been to the vet, got herself some shots and some medication, and she’s improving dramatically. Still on lead walks due to the injury, but so much more herself. Just Dylan and Rio went to Drax, and I took Bailey as well. […]

  • Remembering to Breathe

    Today’s walk did not start out well. I took Dylan, Kim and Rio and stocked up on 1000 treats to reward Rio’s recall. We walked for 20minutes and Rio was appalling, barely recalling 50% of the time and haring off waaay out of sight. Cue stressed, tense owner. And then I realised what an idiot […]

  • Ribble March 2012

    Resultswise, not such a good show. We didn’t bring home a single rosette. It also rained consistently. Apart from that, it was awesome. I entered Kim and Dylan, and didn’t know if Kim would want to play or if Dylan would be able to. Saying I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement; we were all […]