Small Dog is Small

Daisy is settling in well. She is very much like an 8 week old puppy in some ways, rather than 8 month. There is so much she has never learnt, even very simple things like walking on a lead. She now understands that doing something cued = food, which is progress!


Her resource guarding continues, although with minor improvements. Of course, most dogs guard their resources to a certain extent, and I’m happy for my dogs to guard what belongs to them from the other dogs. For example, Kim is within her rights to growl at Dylan if he tries to eat her tea, and Dylan is allowed to guard his toy from Rio-thief. Because all the older dogs have always reacted appropriately in terms of guarding their objects, this is a bit of a new one for me … I know the theory but it’s always a bit different in practise! Daisy has a BIG personal bubble space for guarding, she doesn’t like anyone to come within 6ft of her guarded object. We are working on that! She also guards things which aren’t hers. If I am eating, she’ll guard my food from the other dogs. That is an official No in our house.

Unfortunately, because she guards and because her guard-bubble is so big, Dylan doesn’t really understand her. She tries to play with him on walks (in much the same style Ri plays with him, by launching and hanging off his ruff), and he stands looking horrified, because she also growls at him sometimes and he can’t understand why she’d do both. Dogs are either Not Scary or Scary, in Dylan’s book. Some dogs can move from one to the other (like Diesel!), but they can’t be in both at the same time, so Daisy is currently in the Scary category.

Daisy Ri

She did very well at Lune Valley at the weekend, met lots of suitably appropriate dogs (thank you Diva, Jess, and Kobi!) and wandered around in all the busy stalls and food seating. She got quite interested in watching the dogs running but it was easy to keep her under threshold and get her re-focusing on us. She also queued for Diva and tried to steal a Malinois’ toy, so we played some queue-tugging with her own toy as well. She’s got the Ready-Set-Go impulse control game down to perfection. The Malinois was very impressed.

Threshold is still low for excitement, however! If the other dogs begin getting excited (ie. before a walk), she tips over. Setting off for a walk is a nightmare, she cannot control herself! So that’s the other major thing to work on.

In every other respect she’s just a super cute puppy doing all the usual super cute puppy stuff. She tugs like a fiend!

Hello Daisy

We have officially added one to our terrier quota.

Daisy is my lovely mother’s new dog. She’s from Hope Rescue and is 8 months old. She was originally bought as a Christmas present for an 80+ yr old lady, who realised pretty soon that she could not cope with a working type JRT puppy. I think she was born and sold in Wales, but we picked her up from Oxford. She’ll hopefully be a flyball dog, first and foremost! She will do some agility as well, and will therefore be my first Small dog, because she is a tiny munchkin. She weighs 5.7kg and is maybe 12″ tall?


She’s only been here for a few days so far, and we’re still getting to know the real Daisy. She’s a real sweetheart, but she does like to get her own way. She’s very athletic and very fast, considering her size!

She’s more dog-reactive than I was expecting; Hope said she was fine with other dogs but sometimes “bullied” younger puppies. I can’t judge her on puppies, but so far I’ve seen that she’s afraid of larger dogs or dogs who aren’t appropriate with other dogs (which I guess includes pups?). She esculates pretty quickly from calming signals to showing her teeth/growling. This is pretty minor but has mainly been aimed at Dylan (the social introvert), who has handled it very very well (I’m very proud of him!), and it is something we need to work on. She has tried to get Dylan to play as well however. She adores Rio, and is wary of Kim. She has no reward system in place, and she only knows “sit”. I think we’ve broken her heart by not having any tennis balls, because she’s tennis ball obsessed. She has some resource guarding issues which mainly manifest when she’s feeling insecure or anxious.

She is absolutely cute as a button though. She has her silly moments of utter puppyness and she’s affectionate and her happy dance rivals Pogo’s. We have a few games of tug and she won’t be hard to switch on to that! Her recall is awesome, and she loooves her home comforts.