June Update

I just wanted to mention what an absolute star Kim was last weekend at the Yorkshire Bouncers show. We had four classes and I was hoping for a couple of top-10 placings to bump us up the League Tables, but Kim just really enjoyed the courses and ended up with a 7th, 2×3rd and a 2nd. One of her 3rds was in Intro Agility, where she was 0.6 seconds off the winners time (the top 4 dogs were all 28.–, whereas everyone else had a 31.21+ time); frustratingly for me, I misjudged her dogwalk contact command and she stopped before walking on to it, losing around a second on her time — I know this is our weak point, and I’m going to have to work on timing. We have 6 classes this weekend, plus Lucky Dip Pairs, so I’ll have to see what we can do.

I also took Mollie to agility training on Monday, what an embarrassment that was! When she works, she’s amazing, completely fearless and very fast, but her attention span is like a gnat. Unless I can get her completely focussed on me, she just bombs off to look for a ball. (It didn’t really help that Bryn was there, since Bryn is the one dog that really does send her loopy). I only worked her for about 30mins and then she did a perfect 12-weaves for me, so I left it at that. I wish I had my own equipment to train on, and the patience to stick at it with her, since I know she’s got the potential to be good enough to do really well. On the other hand, she ran like a lunatic at flyball last night against MurphyWhippet, matching him stride for stride to the box where he gets her every time. And we all know she’s a flyball dog at heart!

There have been some interesting discussions on http://ruffdogs.co.uk/ and on the Agility Forum about contact training, and training different methods for different obstacles. I know there are some agility people reading this blog, so feel free to share your thoughts – I’d love to know why you chose to use 2o2o/4off/running/4on/whatever, whether you’d do the same again, and if it works! (If you don’t want to post a comment, feel free to email me at kayanem@gmail.com)

Clever Dogs

Kim is top of the CleverDogs 2007 Championship Multimix Seedings list! She ran a cracking time at Selby of 22.50 and is currently ahead of her nearest competitor, Poppy, by 4 seconds. We’ll have a couple more chances to improve that time this summer, and hopefully qualify for the Finals in August. Mollie ran a nice time for me in the Open division and is currently 17th in the seedings, but I think we can improve that — we had to double back around a jump so we wasted a lot of time!

CleverDogs is a combination of agility and flyball. The dog must negotiate a simple agility course, and after taking the final obstacle they must then complete a full flyball run. Dogs in the MultiMix division are dogs who are not Collies or Collie Crosses. Only dogs in the Open division can be crowned 2007 Clever Dogs Champion, but Kim sadly can’t run in Open.

Crufts 2007

Returned from Crufts a week ago, and many changes since! We haven’t been happy at Springers for a long while now. We are now training with Leeds Owlers in flyball, and are currently seeking a new agility club.

I’ve written a full Crufts Report with loads of photos and video links for those interested. Enjoy!

First post 2007

Had an ok competition with Kim yesterday at EMDAC. We had one good run in the Jumping, but I pulled off the tunnel too soon and brought her with me, and we lost far too much time correcting it. The rest of our runs ranged from ok to appalling! The standard was amazing too, I couldn’t believe some of the dogs were Elementary/Intro level. They looked like good Novice + dogs to me! Anyway, we placed in the top 20 (ish!) in every class, but nothing special and I can’t say I was delighted with our performance, Kim wasn’t on top form and I don’t think I was either. Dropped down to second in the Intro Medium DOTY tables, and just out of the top 10 in the Intro Agility/Jumping League tables – will have to do better next time!

Well done to Katie for her excellent runs with Poppy and Jet – a fabtastic 9th with Pops in the Jumping and Jet was just brilliant – 1 clear and some if-only runs – especially considering it was her first comp. I hope Dylan’s in the same position next year!