Blog 2006 – 2015

Dylan's Blog – January

Dylan has had a very naughty few weeks! He’s getting a lot more boisterous with the girls and is tending to push his luck more often when we’re training. He hasn’t been so naughty as to annoy me (but then again, I’ve had lots of practise with the stubborn terrier in Kim!) but he’s definitely testing his limits! I think poor Mollie is suffering the most – and I think she might end up getting knocked down the pecking order in the end. Dylan will already steal her toys, treats and breakfast/dinner if he can, and she doesn’t do too much to stop him. Poor lass!

A very clear example of his general naughtiness is that he has eaten all the harnesses we own – and we own quite a few, since each dog has a flyball harness, a spare, and then some spares. (Although he did leave Mollie’s untouched, for some reason!) He was quite crafty, and ate only the buckles, so the harnesses looked intact but sekritly were destroyed. Sometimes I think he’s just pretending to be stupid!

Training is going really well though, he’s got so much enthusiasm and he’s really enjoying working. Just sticking with obedience and things like trotting poles, left/rights, go-ons still. We start back at agility training in February so hopefully I’ll be able to do some basic stuff with him then – Kim will be missing Sunday training for a while since she’s competing on Saturday’s pretty much throughout Feb – and so he’ll have my full attention.

Dylan's Blog – December

It’s been a whole week of new experiences for my Dyl this week! The Christmas Tree has gone up, which was very confusing, but he’s been very good with it. I did find a chewed up bauble this morning, which was undoubtably him, but I think Kim had something to do with it too, since she looked very guilty and ran away when I picked it up. Our normal routine is just generally disrupted at the moment, what with late-night shopping and unexpected guests popping in, and there being no agility/flyball training.

Also introduced him to some “trotting poles” which in theory will make him think about his paws. In practice, he just knocked them over with his nose, but we’ll get over that. We used to use trotting-poles to regulate the horse’s stride, encouraging him to extend or shorten as required. In this case, even if it just gets Dylan thinking about where his paws are and where they’re going, it’ll help for obstacles like the dogwalk, or jumps. Speaking of obstacles, I got out the big hoola-ring today and propped it up with some sticks. It looked like a very enormous tyre, and after some initial wariness Dylan was running through it without a problem. I’d rather introduce him to things like this now, then the “real thing” won’t be as scary.

We’ve also been doing a little bit of target training outside, but nothing too much. Both Kim & Dylan are getting there with it – Kim’s been practising on the staircase, but I’ve held off doing that with Dylan because of his joints.

Anyway, generally very proud of the lad today, he did a full 25 minutes worth of training. I’ve been varying the length of time I work with him, starting off with only a couple of minutes and then 10, 15, 20, and so on. Tomorrow I think we’ll only do 15 minutes or so to balance it out (depends on the weather!)

Dylan's Blog – December

I have been so busy with essays and reading that Dylan has had quite a relaxing few weeks! We haven’t really being doing anything new. His coat is beginning to come through now and it looks fantastic. It was very curly to begin with, but the curls are beginning to fall out now and so I’m not sure how it’s going to end up. He looks gorgeous either way!

I really need to think of a Kennel Club name for him too. Suggestions welcome! I’m not really concerned with it including his call name since Dylan is pretty hard to include. K is plugging for “Something Epic”, but I’m not sure if I could stand the pressure!

Dylan's Blog – Hydro

Dylan had his first hydrotherapy session last night. I wish I’d taken my camera, he looked adorable! Mollie has a session every month to keep her moving, and we thought we’d let Dylan come along for some fun yesterday because the dog that usually shares Mol’s session couldn’t make it. I wasn’t sure whether he could even swim, but he just took it all in his stride and was straight in there, really confident and not at all bothered by the new surroundings or new dogs. I was very proud! He wore a doggy life-jacket for this first session, since he hasn’t quite got the hang of staying afloat, but it didn’t phase him and he was diving in with Mollie and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

At home our outdoor training is a bit restricted at the moment. By the time I get home from university it’s dark outside, and it’s impossible to get anything done. So we’re working in the hallway on just basic obedience, and getting him to “go on” down the hall. There isn’t much else to do right now! Realistically I won’t be able to start even basic agility training with him until February, when he’ll be 10 months old, but I’m not really bothered about rushing to bring him out at 18months. I’d rather make sure he’s enjoying himself and working well before I start chucking him into competitions. So he can start doing tunnels and flat A-Frames etc at that age, and we’ll take it from there.

Dylan's Blog

We haven’t really been working on anything new this month, just improving what we already have. Lefts and rights are nailed, and target training is going really well. Plus all the basic obedience seems to have kicked off – finally! – too. His heelwork is getting nice, presents and finishes are good, and his stays are really improving too. He’s kind of got “dead” too, although my Dyl boy always looks suspiciously alive when he does it, usually because his tail is wagging.

I have to say I’m really pleased because he’s learnt “catch” too. You wouldn’t believe how long this has taken to teach him – for some reason he couldn’t grasp the concept of having to move his head and open his mouth to catch something thrown at him. Toys and treats just bounced off his head! He’s got it now though. I don’t think I’ll be doing Crufts flyball with him in the future, but if I do, this is a great command for him. I’m using the same technique I used for teaching Kim to catch, and Kim is amazing at catching. Dylan is first put into a down, and then he get’s the command “catch”, which actually means prepare to catch. Kim demonstrates this best when she effectively goes into a play-bow, which is ideal for Crufts flyball. Dylan is beginning to do it, which I’m really chuffed with. And then I throw the ball/treat/whatever. It’s such a silly small thing, but it’s an achievement for him!

Dylan's Blog

Tuggy-work is out of the window at the moment, because pup is getting his new teeth through. He tries to tug but just ends up splashing blood everywhere, so we’ve working with ice-cubes and treats right now. Poor lad!

Anyway, he is starting on his right turns now, and I’m hopeful that he’ll pick it up. Fingers crossed that those big teeth come through quickly!

Dylan is growing like a mad thing, and is officially past the big 6-months mark now. I’m really pleased with his progress at the moment, he’s responding well to all his commands and is eager to work. His “left” is brilliant, and his “right” is coming on nicely, which is great.

He had his first agility competition trip last week, to the indoor Lune Valley show at Myerscough College (Kim was competing!). He did himself proud, since he behaved perfectly, charmed everyone and wasn’t even the slightest bit phased about the noise, the hundreds of dogs, or the people. He had a great time watching the rings too! Seemed particularly interested in watching dogs weave, which bodes well!

Yesterday we had a trip out and visited K’s house. Dylan had a fabulous time playing with Jet, but we did a very quick 10 minutes with Dyl on tunnels and weaves (well, not exactly weaves – wide open channel weaves, so he only had to run in a straight line). Tunnels were no problem, he was bombing through those in no time. Weaves took a bit longer but we had some good speedy walk-throughs, so I was really pleased.

Dylan's Blog

I’ve decided to start a blog for Dylan. Dylan is a 5 month old Working Sheepdog puppy, my first proper Collie dog and my first dog bought with the intention of doing agility and flyball in the future. That doesn’t make him any less loved, of course, nor is he missing out on his puppyhood. At the moment he does 10 or 15 minutes of training a day, currently just basic commands. At the moment he knows sit, down, paw, heel, recalls, fetch and has a nice present and finish. Then we have 5 or 10 minutes of what I tend to call “flyball training”, although it’s equally as good for just letting us play by ourselves without the girls for a while.

Flyball training, by the way, consists of one puppy, one tennis ball, one tuggy and me. I chuck the ball across the garden and Dylan bombs after it, currently without much co-ordination but lots of mad enthusiasm. He has to fetch the ball back to me, and then he gets to play with his tuggy. The tuggy is always the reward and I never keep going for too long with him. He’s already got a fair turn of speed, but he’s also a very lanky boy. Patch, Dylan’s dad, is a big collie and has had some injury trouble from starting to run off the box at a) too young, and b) with a slammer’s turn. Because he’s going to be such a big dog, I’m going to do low jumps etc with him at 12 months, both for agility and flyball, but the box will have to wait until next winter. That’s a long time, I know, and some dogs would probably have been competing in Starters by the time that Dyl learns the ropes, but I’m in no rush and neither is he.