Rio Training

We Can/We Can't

Rio did her first set of 12 weaves last week. I can confidentally say that even if I can’t train anything else, I can train awesome weaves. All my dogs have great weaves, and Rio is no exception. Her drive and action through the weaves is fantastic, she loves weaving, and she’s weaving in sequences with no issues. We’re getting distance and independence, entries are looking great, really just smooth sailing.

I really do love the 2 sets of 6 > 12 option, that’s by far the best thing I got out of the 2×2 method. Rio did a few sets of 6 and then had absolutely no problem with 12, perfect. She’s also decided that weaving on my right is something she remembers doing before, which is nice! We didn’t try 12 weaves on the right. We literally did one run through on the left, and partied.

Speaking of things I can’t train … contacts. Rio has a nice Aframe, and her dogwalk is ok, but it’s not really what I wanted. With hindsight, I wish I hadn’t clicker trained Rio’s contact position. She is just being very thoughtful and precise, much as she was with the weaves. I need to figure out how to stop her being quite so … thoughtful about contacts.

She had her second session on the seesaw last week as well, it’s going to be a slow process. She just isn’t a fan.