Dylan's Blog – January

Dylan has had a very naughty few weeks! He’s getting a lot more boisterous with the girls and is tending to push his luck more often when we’re training. He hasn’t been so naughty as to annoy me (but then again, I’ve had lots of practise with the stubborn terrier in Kim!) but he’s definitely testing his limits! I think poor Mollie is suffering the most – and I think she might end up getting knocked down the pecking order in the end. Dylan will already steal her toys, treats and breakfast/dinner if he can, and she doesn’t do too much to stop him. Poor lass!

A very clear example of his general naughtiness is that he has eaten all the harnesses we own – and we own quite a few, since each dog has a flyball harness, a spare, and then some spares. (Although he did leave Mollie’s untouched, for some reason!) He was quite crafty, and ate only the buckles, so the harnesses looked intact but sekritly were destroyed. Sometimes I think he’s just pretending to be stupid!

Training is going really well though, he’s got so much enthusiasm and he’s really enjoying working. Just sticking with obedience and things like trotting poles, left/rights, go-ons still. We start back at agility training in February so hopefully I’ll be able to do some basic stuff with him then – Kim will be missing Sunday training for a while since she’s competing on Saturday’s pretty much throughout Feb – and so he’ll have my full attention.