Dylan's Blog

Tuggy-work is out of the window at the moment, because pup is getting his new teeth through. He tries to tug but just ends up splashing blood everywhere, so we’ve working with ice-cubes and treats right now. Poor lad!

Anyway, he is starting on his right turns now, and I’m hopeful that he’ll pick it up. Fingers crossed that those big teeth come through quickly!

Dylan is growing like a mad thing, and is officially past the big 6-months mark now. I’m really pleased with his progress at the moment, he’s responding well to all his commands and is eager to work. His “left” is brilliant, and his “right” is coming on nicely, which is great.

He had his first agility competition trip last week, to the indoor Lune Valley show at Myerscough College (Kim was competing!). He did himself proud, since he behaved perfectly, charmed everyone and wasn’t even the slightest bit phased about the noise, the hundreds of dogs, or the people. He had a great time watching the rings too! Seemed particularly interested in watching dogs weave, which bodes well!

Yesterday we had a trip out and visited K’s house. Dylan had a fabulous time playing with Jet, but we did a very quick 10 minutes with Dyl on tunnels and weaves (well, not exactly weaves – wide open channel weaves, so he only had to run in a straight line). Tunnels were no problem, he was bombing through those in no time. Weaves took a bit longer but we had some good speedy walk-throughs, so I was really pleased.