Agility Rio

Goals for 2014?

I need goals for 2014. This is for me, because if I don’t, I get lazy. If I’m not improving my handling or training skills, I don’t really even maintain. I slip into bad habits. Lazy lazy lazy.

My goal for this year is simple: be as good as Rio needs me to be. That means running faster, handling with more clarity, and making the most of each training session to improve. In terms of tangible results, I want a clean clear round by the end of the summer season. I’ll take a scrappy clear round but I would like a good, connected, clear.

It’s hard to make flyball goals, but obviously I’d like Rio to be running clean, full runs by the beginning of summer, and finding some consistency by the end of the season. As a goal to push for, I want a sub-5s singles time on the board before we go back into winter training.

For Dylan … whatever he wants to do is fine. For Daisy, I’d like her to be focusing her energy appropriately and running sequences by summer. It’s really all about Beanie this year though.