Agility Kim

First post 2007

Had an ok competition with Kim yesterday at EMDAC. We had one good run in the Jumping, but I pulled off the tunnel too soon and brought her with me, and we lost far too much time correcting it. The rest of our runs ranged from ok to appalling! The standard was amazing too, I couldn’t believe some of the dogs were Elementary/Intro level. They looked like good Novice + dogs to me! Anyway, we placed in the top 20 (ish!) in every class, but nothing special and I can’t say I was delighted with our performance, Kim wasn’t on top form and I don’t think I was either. Dropped down to second in the Intro Medium DOTY tables, and just out of the top 10 in the Intro Agility/Jumping League tables – will have to do better next time!

Well done to Katie for her excellent runs with Poppy and Jet – a fabtastic 9th with Pops in the Jumping and Jet was just brilliant – 1 clear and some if-only runs – especially considering it was her first comp. I hope Dylan’s in the same position next year!