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  • A Final Glance

    One last look back at 2014, mainly to wave goodbye. It had it’s moments, but it’s wasn’t much of a landmark year for the us. It was certainly unpredictable. I don’t yet know whether that’s good or bad.Dylan has stepped down and then stepped up, taking on the mantel of the girls before him. Who […]

  • Waiting on Winter

    Dylan has been lame. No particular reason for his lameness, he just came up sore one day. Left fore, I think carpal, hence a slow recovery. He is bored. Tough cookies, old man, you rest. I miss having him around. Dylan and I have been embarking on all kinds of adventures this summer. Not super-exciting-jetset […]

  • Teenage Dreams

    Kim is thirteen this month. Thirteen years is a long time to spend with a little dog, but it’s not long enough. We need at least another ten or so, I think. Kim went in for a checkup in September, and her heart murmur had deteriorated. She hasn’t been to the vet in a long […]

  • Beach Trip

    This is actually from a few weeks ago, oops! Before we got Daisy, we decided to take advantage of the good weather and take Rio on her first beach trip, ostensibly to teach her to swim. Hunmanby’s always good for dogs and the water is safe to swim in, so off we trekked. Things I […]

  • Mini Kim!

    Amazing, yes?

  • Rally Trials

    The girls and I crashed and burned at our Rally trial. I feel like I ought to say that the trial itself was awesome, really well organised and friendly people. The venue was good, but the ring was in a self-contained hall and that freaked a lot of dogs out, including mine. That was not […]

  • Unexpected Weekends

    Dylan and I were supposed to spend this weekend at Ribble, getting back into our competitive groove and admiring all the excellent partnerships who had travelled north (and south) for the G6-7 Olympia Qualifier. However, Dyl came up very lame on Friday morning. Friday was a Day of Rest, but Rest did not help. Dyl […]

  • Quiet

    Rio is still being unnaturally quiet. She was very flat at agility training and then very distracted at rally this week. Agility was just a bit odd, she tecnically worked very well, did all the sequences etc, but just seemed extra sensitive and flat. It’s weird working her when she’s being quiet, I’m so used […]

  • Odd Little Muffins

    Both the younger dogs are still settling into their post-Mollie lives. Dylan is not his usual self. We’ve had a bout of sulking brought on Thursday evening, when we took Kim and Rio to Rally and Dylan got left home alone for two hours. He’s taken a few days to come around from that. Rio […]

  • Group Photos

    Group photos are hard, and not just because getting everyone sat facing the right direction is always tough. I have very white dogs and very black dogs, and so getting the white balance is hard, and the height differences is always a challenge. It started so well, and we moved on, and then I realised […]

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