Teenage Dreams

Kim is thirteen this month. Thirteen years is a long time to spend with a little dog, but it’s not long enough. We need at least another ten or so, I think.


Kim went in for a checkup in September, and her heart murmur had deteriorated. She hasn’t been to the vet in a long time, so she went in again more recently to see if it was it was an ongoing process of deterioration, or not. It’s appears that it’s not. Her left side heart is weaker but her right side sounds good, her heartbeat is strong (just … wrong), she has no fluid on her lungs and her breathing is regular, and she’s not showing any symptoms of heart problems. Additionally, she’s looking excellent for her age and does not appear to have any other issues.

She weighs 12.50kg but her muscle tone is pretty flabby these days. She still enjoys her walks, and is pretty angry that frisbee is a banned game for her these days. All games which involve racing after something are now banned, because Kim tends to race after things, dramatically fall over as she triumphantly launches to snatch item from faster, younger dogs, and then do a lap of honour. Whilst humourous and endearing activities, these are also hobble-inducing activities, so … banned.

Get the moles Kim ...

Still do plenty of that digging, though.

Here, you may marvel in some of Kim’s amazingness from years gone by: