Agility Dylan Rio

December Flurries

I wrote my last post in haiku, and I make no apologies. Dyl and I had a good time at Wyre, we always do. I said Wyre would be the last one, but I’m going to enter Wilmslow as well. That really will be the last one. He enjoys Myerscough, for reasons I can’t explain.

Rio came as well, and was her usual social self. She mugged a few people, and cast longing glances at all the puppies and Vizsla’s she met. She loves puppies, and the Viz affection is all Diva’s fault. She’s going to Dig It in February and March, and then she’ll probably run at Hare’n’Hounds in April. Need to really nail the dogwalk and seesaw, and do some jump work for Large height. And get her to 12 weaves (that’s this week’s mission).

Daisy stayed at home and worked on being quiet, and calm, and channeling her adrenaline into positive and socially acceptable behaviours. That’s what Daisy works on every day, at the moment.