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    Teenage Dreams

    Kim is thirteen this month. Thirteen years is a long time to spend with a little dog, but it’s not long enough. We need at least another ten or so, I think. Kim went in for a checkup in September, and her heart murmur had deteriorated. She hasn’t been to the vet in a long time, so she went in again more recently to see if it was it was an ongoing process of deterioration, or not. It’s appears that it’s not. Her left side heart is weaker but her right side sounds good, her heartbeat is strong (just … wrong), she has no fluid on her lungs and her…

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    Awkward Group Photo

    Left to Right Dylan, 7yr Border Collie / Rio, 2yr Australian Shepherd / Kim, 12yr JRT cross / Daisy, 11month JRT cross

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    Army of Two

    Happy 7th Birthday Dylan! It might have taken me seven years to get here, but I suddenly see my strange little Border Collie. I haven’t always had the best relationship with Dylan; althought I’ve always loved him, because he’s endearing and silly and honest, but I have found him frustrating and odd and yeah, sometimes a little irritating (with those damn neurotic Border Collie tics), and I definitely haven’t always understood or trusted him. I don’t know why we suddenly get along so well, but I’m holding tight and hoping it lasts. I have made better decisions for him this year. Pulling from Wyre because I didn’t feel like he…

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    Hare'n'Hounds Easter 2013

    Coldest weekend ever. Possibly even colder than the Cold Easter of ’10, and that was also really damn cold. I could have entered 7 runs per day, but I chose to limit myself to 5. I am not fit enough for 21 runs a weekend! I also didn’t want to mentally tire Dylan, especially after such a long break. We haven’t competed since the beginning of December, and so with four months off from competition and nearly seven months since our last outdoor competition, I wasn’t expecting a great deal from Dylan. He was struggling so much in the last few competitions we’ve done, and I just wanted him to…

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    Group Photos

    Group photos are hard, and not just because getting everyone sat facing the right direction is always tough. I have very white dogs and very black dogs, and so getting the white balance is hard, and the height differences is always a challenge. It started so well, and we moved on, and then I realised nobody was in focus. Photoshop improved things, but I couldn’t leave well enough alone, so we tried again … Out of focus and Kim hates everyone. Kim is bored now. In focus, all dogs looking at the camera attentively … shame there’s one missing! Think we have a few problem areas here, starting with Rio’s…

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    Rio passed her Foundation Obedience assessment with no problems. So she got a certificate and a tuggy! Posing for photos is borrrrring, however. I also attempted to take some stacked photos of her, but only one was really worth posting and it’s her non-show side, oops. I should have stacked her on carpet as well, she was sliding a bit on the wooden floor. She’s in the Realm of No Coat at the moment, and she’s still in the skinny phase. Rio is from a fairly slow-maturing line, her mum Rita got her final CC this year at 8yrs, so I’m not too worried. She’ll fill out as she matures,…

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    Sutton Fields Sept 2012

    I love this tournament; my dogs and my team always seem to run well at Sutton Fields, and it’s always been my milestone tournament as well. Kim got her first sub-20 time in 2006, retired 2011, Dylan did his first Open 2008, Mollie retired 2012. Dylan got back to sub-20, 2012. Kim ran in Starters on Saturday, our super-starter team of Snoop, Mylo, Kim, and Diva. We ran these four together at Larden Green and they are such a good little team, we came 1st again. Kim is obviously the experienced one on the team, but the others are true baby dogs; capable of running up and down, but still…

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    Kim Originally uploaded by kayanem

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