Category: Rave

  • Flyball Homework

    Rio’s hits on the box are looking good and she’s ready to move on to turning with a ball in the box (untriggered). Unfortunately she can’t seem to get put the turn and the ball retrieve together. Box = Turn, in Rio’s mind! I seem to have taken a mildly ball obsessed Rio and turned […]

  • North of the Wall

    K and I headed up north on Friday to train with Cat. We’ve been talking about venturing up to do a little flyball training for ages, so we did! I took Dylan and Rio, although Ri was an afterthought. She got to play a little bit of agility but I didn’t expect a lot, and […]

  • Training Daze

    I am feeling very productive this week (with regards to dog training. Other things, not so much). Dylan did some light work at agility last Tuesday, but I was conscious that he might be carrying an injury, so we didn’t do too much. Enough to test the waters and see what might be bothering him. […]

  • Sutton Fields Sept 2012

    I love this tournament; my dogs and my team always seem to run well at Sutton Fields, and it’s always been my milestone tournament as well. Kim got her first sub-20 time in 2006, retired 2011, Dylan did his first Open 2008, Mollie retired 2012. Dylan got back to sub-20, 2012. Kim ran in Starters […]

  • Monsters Fun Day

    Our flyballing friends at Monsters Flyball held a fun day over in York at the Yorkshire Museum of Farming. Katie and I thought it would be good socialisation for Rio and Rave, and Katie brought Jetly Awesomeface along as well, to set a good example for the babies. I’m proud to say the puppies rolled […]

  • Puppy Hello

    Rio met Rave after training this week. She was very appropriate and gentle, which is a little weird to see in Ri! She wasn’t 100% convinced he was a real dog, mainly because he’s not allowed to run wild and free just yet. Puppy socialisation is something I wanted her to do – that’s socialisation […]