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  • Patience

    Rio’s seesaw is still progressing, but not quite as fast as I would like. She’s just not confident on the first attempt, although she gets faster and more confident with each subsequent approach. E nicely shouted at me on Tuesday, and reminded me to stop being impatient. (She wasn’t as blunt as that!) Daisy has […]

  • Daisy September 2013

    Daisy’s first agility training session featuring actual equipment, and her first flyball photos. Her life would be a lot less documented without Cat.

  • Flyball Homework

    Rio’s hits on the box are looking good and she’s ready to move on to turning with a ball in the box (untriggered). Unfortunately she can’t seem to get put the turn and the ball retrieve together. Box = Turn, in Rio’s mind! I seem to have taken a mildly ball obsessed Rio and turned […]

  • I Only Blog When It's Going Badly

    I have a tendency to be naturally suspicious of anyone who writes glowing, exciting blog posts when their training, handling, or competing is going perfectly, and skips over anything that isn’t fitting in to that. Especially those who then say things like “It didn’t go well, I’ve learnt a lot” and then utterly fail to […]

  • Flyball Training

    Flyball is a lot of fun at the moment. We’re focusing on individual skills work rather than teams; this is mainly because our dogs all need skills work, but also partly because not all our dogs are team-ready yet, and we haven’t made any decisions regarding lineups for next season. That will happen soon (I […]

  • Melting Hot

    There were times when I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but it is nice to be back to flyball! Dylan and Rio have done their first power jumping session at our new venue, and both looked good! I wasn’t sure Rio would be up for 8 jumps but apparently that’s not an issue. And […]

  • Weaves and Things

    Rio is still learning to weave! I love weave training, I think it’s the piece of equipment which teaches us the most about our dogs (or re-affirms the things we already know). Weave training is reminding me that Rio is an Action Girl, she likes to just go, no waiting around! Dylan and Kim both […]

  • Training

    Trekked up to County Durham again for some training. I really wanted to work with Dylan on his striding again, but he also really needed a down day after our busy weekend at Wigton and then a long walk on Monday. As we have a little houseguest in Alfie again for two weeks, I wanted […]

  • See Me Learn

    Rio is continuing to surprise me at flyball training. She was introduced to the hit-it board for the first time this week, and was pretty fab. We initially introduce the dogs gently and don’t ask for a turn, just build their confidence and see how they adapt to the board. Rio had a couple of […]

  • North of the Wall

    K and I headed up north on Friday to train with Cat. We’ve been talking about venturing up to do a little flyball training for ages, so we did! I took Dylan and Rio, although Ri was an afterthought. She got to play a little bit of agility but I didn’t expect a lot, and […]

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