Melting Hot

There were times when I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but it is nice to be back to flyball!

Dylan and Rio have done their first power jumping session at our new venue, and both looked good! I wasn’t sure Rio would be up for 8 jumps but apparently that’s not an issue. And Dylan loves power jumping, it’s his favourite kind of training; no brain activity involved, just go-go-go!

Rio skipped the session this weekend as she came up a little bit lame on Sunday morning, and I didn’t want to risk anything. Dylan worked and did well, his first time on the new box and he wasn’t too shabby. He’s never going to have an amazing turn, but he’s doing well with the transitions.

Daisy came too and did a few flat recalls. She does look cute when she’s running through the slightly too-long grass, but she’s a secretly a monster. She loves her tug and thrashes around at the box when she hears her ready-set-go, I’m going to have to work on training her not to do that! She starts her flyball course at the start of September so we’ll start training her target soon as well. She is getting slightly more operant!

We are all baking in the meantime. I don’t want to complain about the amazing weather but it is occasionally a bit warm even for me. If we could keep the sun and maybe stay around 20degrees, that would be super!