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    I have no idea where this year will take us. I know what I want, and that’s to compete again. We’ve been in training mode for two years, in agility and flyball, focusing on criteria and improving performance in different environments. I would like to push that now, put the training to the test and win some stuff.In a related sense, I want to get out of our comfort zone this year. I’ve already started, since Dylan is entered in our first Obedience competition at the end of the month. Actual obedience! I don’t find obedience very exciting but that’s part of the challenge. It matters more that Dylan enjoys…

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    A Final Glance

    One last look back at 2014, mainly to wave goodbye. It had it’s moments, but it’s wasn’t much of a landmark year for the us. It was certainly unpredictable. I don’t yet know whether that’s good or bad.Dylan has stepped down and then stepped up, taking on the mantel of the girls before him. Who would have thought it? My scared mouse is my rock. I never could have foreseen it at the start of the year; we were racing around in Grade 6, and now he just does the occasional Anysize run. I miss competing with him. He’s not my flyball dog anymore either, as my lovely mother has…

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    Dig It Dec (Daisy & Ri)

    Goal with Rio was weaves. The Intermediate Jumping course was lovely, but I trained it anyway. Rio was … consistent in her errors? She is hitting the entry and then skipping the second-third pole and continuing. This is still a too-much-speed problem, and she is learning to control it. Slowly. She’s gone up a couple of gears in competition and is attacking those weaves now, and we just need to work on controlling it a little more. Agility was more weaves, more Aframes, all easy. Training training training, but we made the most of it. Maybe eventually Rio will be able to do dogwalks and seesaws as well. Daisy’s two…

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    Rio’s seesaw is still progressing, but not quite as fast as I would like. She’s just not confident on the first attempt, although she gets faster and more confident with each subsequent approach. E nicely shouted at me on Tuesday, and reminded me to stop being impatient. (She wasn’t as blunt as that!) Daisy has hit the awkward part of the V-weaves, where they’re upright enough that the channel is gone and suddenly it’s got more difficult. She’s still looking good and working hard, just needs to control her speed some more. I haven’t been able to work on her weaves as much as I’d wanted – maybe twice a…

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    Weaves, weaves, weaves

    Weaves! I hate starting weave training because it’s such a hassle, getting weaves and taking them round everywhere. However, I do like weave training and I like my method, it’s nothing revolutionary but it works, and it’s been adapted through a whole host of dogs so I feel reasonably confident about it now. Requires only V-weaves, reward placement, and timing. Easy. So, Daisy started weave training this week! So far so good, she actually has a much better grasp of what is required than I had expected for this stage. She struggles to sometimes even see the weaves, sometimes it’s just Daisy running, but when she gets her head down…

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    Dig It November – Daisy’s First Show

    My only goal for Daisy was to ensure she was confident, happy, and had fun. I also wanted to figure out our immediate weak points so we can get to work training for December. She was a little freaked out on initially entering the arena, particularly when she thought people were going to try and touch her. (If you ever see me with Daisy, please do not try to touch her. Ignore her. She will be ever so grateful, and so will I.) She settled within 5 minutes and began to offer behaviours in the queue, so that was cool. Her response and then recovery time from Scary Things has…

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    I have been dabbling with the theory that Rio is just weird when it comes to her seesaw issues, and thankfully I have good friends to observe and clarify those theories with me. Her biggest issue is that the seesaw moves behind her when she gets off. She doesn’t like things happening behind her, it has always been a worry for her. This also ties into why her wait has been suffering; she doesn’t like dogs in the queue behind her. Her best waits have been when we queue with Diva, presumably because she knows it’s Diva behind her and not some unpredictable unknown dog. Because I’ve been rewarding at…

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    Waiting on Winter

    Dylan has been lame. No particular reason for his lameness, he just came up sore one day. Left fore, I think carpal, hence a slow recovery. He is bored. Tough cookies, old man, you rest. I miss having him around. Dylan and I have been embarking on all kinds of adventures this summer. Not super-exciting-jetset adventures, but normal-dog adventures. We explore new places. We go to Good Citizen Dog Scheme class. Dylan passed his Bronze and Silver on the same day, in September. We’re working toward Gold. We started class and I realised I’ve never taught Dylan normal-dog stuff like loose-lead walking. Or how to be normal in a class…

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    UKA Osberton – Competing (etc)

    I elected to go NFC in Beginners Jumping just so I could reward Rio’s weaves, which have been awesome recently. We have no weave problems, but I thought it would be nice to let her know how good she is. Of course, she promptly blew her mind with excitement and broke her weaves. First run of the day and she was away, no waiting, all barking, too fast for weaving. All my baby dogs (in fact, all young dogs that have trained with us) go through a phase of overpowering the weaves, where they get too confident and too powerful and too fast, and inevitably either a) pop the last…

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    A Daisy Update

    The munchkin is learning, but slowly. I haven’t really blogged a lot about Daisy, mainly because we’re still in the not-fun part of training. Daisy has issues, primarily with the way she handles stress (both kinds of stress). Her terrier wiring means that she is predisposed to go into “kill mode” when she experiences stress anyway, but with her initial eight months involving little actual training, her wiring is now pretty jumbled up. It’s the only way I can describe it! She doesn’t try and actually kill anyone on experiencing stress anyway, but in the past she was simply given a tennis ball (or had one anyway?). This has meant…

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