Agility Daisy

Weaves, weaves, weaves

Weaves! I hate starting weave training because it’s such a hassle, getting weaves and taking them round everywhere. However, I do like weave training and I like my method, it’s nothing revolutionary but it works, and it’s been adapted through a whole host of dogs so I feel reasonably confident about it now. Requires only V-weaves, reward placement, and timing. Easy.

So, Daisy started weave training this week! So far so good, she actually has a much better grasp of what is required than I had expected for this stage. She struggles to sometimes even see the weaves, sometimes it’s just Daisy running, but when she gets her head down and concentrates, she’s super. Fast, low bounce action. Efficient, I like it. So far, we’ve also done weave training in three different places, and she’s looking nice and consistent.

Hopefully will continue like this, and we’ll be weaving six uprights in a few weeks. Optimism!