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  • A Little Faith

    I had a plan for training this week and it didn’t quite work out. Not in a negative way, I just had a short list of things to work on and … we worked on other things instead. We worked on weaves in sequences for a while and that was nice! Rio is working for […]

  • A Daisy Update

    The munchkin is learning, but slowly. I haven’t really blogged a lot about Daisy, mainly because we’re still in the not-fun part of training. Daisy has issues, primarily with the way she handles stress (both kinds of stress). Her terrier wiring means that she is predisposed to go into “kill mode” when she experiences stress […]

  • Goals for 2014?

    I need goals for 2014. This is for me, because if I don’t, I get lazy. If I’m not improving my handling or training skills, I don’t really even maintain. I slip into bad habits. Lazy lazy lazy. My goal for this year is simple: be as good as Rio needs me to be. That means […]

  • Back

    The blog is finally back online. Dylan isn’t getting a lot of extra love now he’s officially retired; he isn’t coming to agility training any more, although hopefully I will have some new equipment to play with shortly so perhaps he can come and demo a few things for my outdoor classes. He is still […]

  • February Kind of Day

    Rio’s beautiful running Aframe has disappeared, and I’m pretty sure it’s because I’ve been rewarding the launches on the dogwalk. Oops! Still, time to test the theory and see if I can put the stop back in. So far so good, we only did a few reps this week at training but she’s getting the […]

  • Rio Dig It Feb

    No video, because I’ve misplaced my video camera. Really do need to find it for next time! There is an option to run both the Agility and Jumping twice, but the format didn’t work for me last time. All the dogs at the jump height ran, and then ran immediately again before the height changed. […]

  • Mollie: Loss and Memory

    I took a long time to write this post. I couldn’t get the tone right, and I’m still not sure if I have. The usual expression when we lose a pet is to make some vague allusion to the Rainbow Bridge. This makes me uncomfortable, just as it does when people mention God in relation […]

  • This is Where We Are

    Rio has moved on to Robbins Recalls in flyball, which she finds really tough. We haven’t really got to proper RRs yet, since I can’t run in the opposite direction to her, I can only walk. Running is Rio’s favourite thing, she will always choose running over box turns and definitely over stupid tennis balls. […]

  • Wilmslow 2014

    I am so glad I entered this show. Dylan had a great time; he was so excited and enthusiastic to be running, I can’t imagine a better retirement show for him. G6-7 Agility first thing was a nice course, nothing horribly challenging but some interesting handling options. I tried to flick Dylan away from me […]

  • A Lack of Direction

    Rio and I were a bit hit and miss at training this week. I wasn’t really feeling motivated, and that showed. The only run I felt motivated to do was a sequence where I could try a blind cross. I have been reading a lot recently about blind crosses and decided I needed to at […]

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