Agility Rio Training

A Little Faith

I had a plan for training this week and it didn’t quite work out. Not in a negative way, I just had a short list of things to work on and … we worked on other things instead.

We worked on weaves in sequences for a while and that was nice! Rio is working for the entry now and driving right to the end … on the left, at least. She is finding the entry and weaving six poles on the right, but she isn’t quite going right through on 12. Not sure why but it will come, we’ve only practiced on 12 a few times.

We did some work on the dogwalk and I asked for the stop position again this week now that she’s driving over with confidence and speed. I’m so happy with how this has worked out, she’s moving into position with much more enthusiasm and with much less thought.

Thumbs up for Rio, she’s doing well. I really do need to work on her response to front crosses as well. On a tight turn it’s not so much of a problem, but the middle gears are hard. She can either turn tightly or not at all, apparently. Definitely need to get that worked out before we do any more competitions.