Author: leanne

  • Blogging is kind of lonely. I’ve been writing in this blog since Dylan was 5 months old. I started because of a community called Ruffdogs, which has long since disappeared. I made some friends there that I still have today. They kickstarted this whole thing. I’ve documented Dylan’s entire competitive agility career here, from the […]

  • Wilmslow

    No training this week because snow. January. Coldness. Snow. Disappointing. Trekked all the way across to Myerscough for 2 Jumping classes and an Anysize run for Dylan. C1-7 Jumping P1 was A+ for good use of space, lots of running with some tight demanding sections, well pitched. 12 weaves, no problem. Ri’s jumping was pretty […]

  • Slowly and Clearly

    Some days I really feel I should apologise to Rio. She has spent three years telling me to let go of my expectations and to just focus on being awesome, and I’m just not getting the message. Whatever, she tells me. Get hung up on these small details, your criteria and your goals. I’ll be […]

  • 2015

    I have no idea where this year will take us. I know what I want, and that’s to compete again. We’ve been in training mode for two years, in agility and flyball, focusing on criteria and improving performance in different environments. I would like to push that now, put the training to the test and […]

  • A Final Glance

    One last look back at 2014, mainly to wave goodbye. It had it’s moments, but it’s wasn’t much of a landmark year for the us. It was certainly unpredictable. I don’t yet know whether that’s good or bad.Dylan has stepped down and then stepped up, taking on the mantel of the girls before him. Who […]

  • Dylan: Official Good Dog

    Dyl passed his Good Citizen Dog Scheme GOLD this weekend. I was pretty sure we were going to fail, so every exercise we passed was a relief and a bit of a surprise! We have trained, but not as much as we should have done. Emergency stop gave me the most worry, since Dylan wouldn’t […]

  • Dig It Dec (Daisy & Ri)

    Goal with Rio was weaves. The Intermediate Jumping course was lovely, but I trained it anyway. Rio was … consistent in her errors? She is hitting the entry and then skipping the second-third pole and continuing. This is still a too-much-speed problem, and she is learning to control it. Slowly. She’s gone up a couple […]

  • Rio’s First Wyre

    Went all the way to Preston for 2 jumping runs. I’m that desperate for agility competitions. Rio had C1-4 Jumping and G3 Jumping. I really wanted to see how she’d handle the atmosphere at Myerscough, because I wasn’t sure if it might be a bit overwhelming for her. Didn’t want to enter anything else there […]

  • Patience

    Rio’s seesaw is still progressing, but not quite as fast as I would like. She’s just not confident on the first attempt, although she gets faster and more confident with each subsequent approach. E nicely shouted at me on Tuesday, and reminded me to stop being impatient. (She wasn’t as blunt as that!) Daisy has […]

  • Operation Seesaw

    Operation Seesaw is going so well I’m all for dancing on the way home from training. Theory into practice, and the new reward structure works! We haven’t worked on it for a few weeks, but the seesaw was out at training this week. Ri’s first attempt as a little hesitant, but after that she was […]