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  • Monsters Fun Day

    Our flyballing friends at Monsters Flyball held a fun day over in York at the Yorkshire Museum of Farming. Katie and I thought it would be good socialisation for Rio and Rave, and Katie brought Jetly Awesomeface along as well, to set a good example for the babies. I’m proud to say the puppies rolled […]

  • British Flyball Championships 2011

    Summer days. Love the Champs. I don’t care that they’re not whichever competition you* think is better. I appreciate these Championships for what they are, which is a fun, competitive, and noisy tournament full with teams from every corner of the British Isles. Also, nowhere else would you get 200 people willingly dressing up in […]

  • Flyball Training

    We worked very hard with Dylan at training this week. He is getting more confident changing into Roi, but he’s not foot perfect. Neither am I; it’s very hard to work on perfecting the change when Dylan sometimes “flinches” (throws in an extra short stride just before the line). I’m between 1-3ft off on my […]

  • Osmaston Flyball

    I’m not sure how to blog about this tournament – I have lots of fragmented memories and no clear thoughts! I didn’t wear shoes all weekend, it was really hot, my dogs were great. That’s about all I can coherantly put together. Mollie ran well, but we tried to keep her doing as little as […]

  • Sunny Day Training

    Photos from our Saturday training session. I only had 10mins to sit down and take some photos, so not very many and not a wide variety. I actually don’t mind being busy at flyball, it’s more productive when we are constantly working, the dogs and handlers get more from it and I walk away happier. […]

  • Winter Season Review

    I spent a couple of hours on Monday reviewing the videos from the weekend, as I always do, but also reviewing the videos from the winter series as a whole. That’s why it took me a couple of hours rather than the usual 15mins. Huge thank yous to my lovely mother for standing and filming […]

  • Tailwaggers #5 April

    Bit of a hit and miss day! I made some silly handling errors all day, my personal mental management was way off. I looked after the dogs and worked them around the courses, but I made some handling decisions that I really shouldn’t have. Dylan is always very forgiving and bailed me out a couple […]

  • HnH April Fool – Go Jetset!

    Superstar Jet gets first billing this time. She had a fantastic first run on a tricky Grade 3 course and nailed it, lovely fast weaves and just a really cracking run. She won by a nose, a 1st and so into Grade 4! She went clear in the Redmills Open Jumping, and finished up 18th. […]

  • Back at Drax

    It’s been a while since we last flyballed, and much longer since we were running on grass, let alone at Drax! Kim was back in Division 6 and the second team, where she belongs! We had hoped to take a strong 5-dog team but unpredictable entire bitches coming into season meant our fifth dog was […]

  • Gap Farm February 11

    Excellent flyballing, some very good racing. Dylan was on brilliant form, the specialised training we’ve been doing recently has been hugely and noticably beneficial for him and a few of the other dogs. It was very cool to see real results so quickly! His boxturn wasn’t brilliant, he is coming away much sharper now rather […]

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