Rio is still being unnaturally quiet. She was very flat at agility training and then very distracted at rally this week.

Agility was just a bit odd, she tecnically worked very well, did all the sequences etc, but just seemed extra sensitive and flat. It’s weird working her when she’s being quiet, I’m so used to the barking and shouting and little growls. There was definitely no fizz to her on Tuesday, anyway.

At Rally she was a bit more noisy and enthusiastic. She was actively seeking out her tug and offering behaviours, but she was also very distracted by things like chairs and radiators and Bryn. We have been working on her distraction levels as she can get caught out by food smells (ie. other people treating their dogs whilst she’s working) but it’s usually a very minor problem.

Everyone has suggested she’s still just settling down hormonally – five weeks after her season ended? – but it could well be the case, I don’t know much about intact bitches. (I have everything crossed it’s not something like a false pregnancy, because that would be a nightmare of epic proportions). I’m also wondering about the change of food, but I don’t think that would kick in over a four day period, I expected to see any potential changes after a week or more. I’ll keep an eye on it and hopefully she’ll come around. I feel like I’m probably overreacting anyway, which is probably normal considering.

Kim and Rio have an extra Rally training day this weekend, which is really just a chance to practise some full courses. We’ll see how we go! Our class next week includes a bit of proper scoring on half a course, and fingers crossed we’ll get round without losing more than 14pts.

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