Beach Trip

This is actually from a few weeks ago, oops! Before we got Daisy, we decided to take advantage of the good weather and take Rio on her first beach trip, ostensibly to teach her to swim. Hunmanby’s always good for dogs and the water is safe to swim in, so off we trekked.

Things I learnt on the beach trip: Rio can’t swim.

Swimming Fail

Neither can Kim.


Why are my non-Border Collies such useless swimmers? On finding themselves marginally out of their depth, both Kim and Rio shut their eyes, flail wildly, and half an hour later make it to shore. Just to bear in mind, I went into the sea with them, and let me tell you, the North Sea is bloody cold even in June. In the photo of Rio flailing above, I’m stood 2ft to the right crying with laughter at her failure. The water is just above my knees, so it’s not deep.


Alfie came with us on this beach trip too. Rio is a lot more tolerant of him than I am. He’s not a bad dog, he’s just a typically spoilt small dog with no manners and no boundaries, although he has a sweet temperament and he takes everything in his stride happily.


Other things I learnt on the beach trip: Rio is still trying to be a Border Collie. She even adopted Dylan’s ears for the day.


So, Rio liked the beach and hated the sea. Kim still likes the beach and the sea, providing she’s not having to swim. Dylan still thinks the beach is ok but loves the sea so much that he shook with excitement, made pitiful crying noises, and mowed people down so he could at least see it from the moment he got out of the car.

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