Agility Dylan

Wyre 2013

Dull motorway rain

I’m worried about the tyres

Car pulls to the right


Small arena

Combined 5-7 Jumping

I suppose it’s ok


A pull-through start

Nine weaves into nowhere

I got lost


Looking forward

Graded 6-7 Agility

Dogwalk approach sucks


I like your courses

But not this one. I have

made my own


Endless waiting

Combined 5-6 Agility

I like this a lot


Clear round

We find 39.65

No placing


One more to go

Graded 6-7 Jumping

I love this course


I remember when

We would have eaten these spaces

Now we are slow


Weave entry popped

Five faults but you tried

This was still good


You are happy here

This is so easy for us

One more show