NDDAC Osmaston 2013

I’ve been meaning to do this show for years, Osmaston is one of my favourite showgrounds for flyball! I’ll definitely try and go back again next year, it’s a really gorgeous show. Due to some weekend date swaps this year, it clashed with Otley and Wigan in the same area (plus the big Thames show), which meant the class sizes were really small. Not that that mattered, since we didn’t get any clear rounds!

G6-7 Jumping was a super course, really enjoyed running it. A long run to the wall and Dyl got a bit lost (my fault) so we ended up getting E’d shortly after that, but I was pleased with how he worked. Super independent weaves and he didn’t panic at the wall. As it turned out, the judge accidentally set a totally impossible course time of 31s, which NOBODY achieved. Jo Rhodes got closest with 31.15 in the G7 but that was as good as it got. Felt a bit sorry for the judge as a result, it really was an accidental course time (something to do with the feet – meter conversion on the wheel).

Large G6-7 JumpingThe second G6-7 jumping was another fab course, same ring as the first one, much more achievable time! As it happened we got E’d; I didn’t push Dylan out enough on the corner and he came in, so we re-did the corner. Again, super weaves and he did a fab push-out to #9 where I layered #11 to meet him at #10. Lovely!

Dog Vegas G6 Qualifier was another nice course. I was anxious before we set off as the course started with run up the aluminium dogwalk that had a tunnel underneath … but the dogwalk had wooden trestles, so it was the ultimate test-the-theory moment! Dyl had no issues with the dogwalk so I guess the theory is correct, but being over focused on that cost me two obstacles later at the weaves, where I messed up handling and he popped the last two. As it turned out, Dyl got called for his dogwalk down contact.

However, as it happened, Dylan got called for his dogwalk contact in his final class as well. And his Aframe! Since I video all Dylan’s runs and it’s very obvious he hits the Aframe contact, I’m not worried. Dogwalk isn’t visible on the video due to the angle, just like in the G6 Qualifier. However, considering Dylan has only ever been called 3 times for missing a down contact on the Aframe or Dogwalk, I’m not too concerned. I can only assume the judges at North Derbyshire were blinded by the sun.

Dylan was happy and comfortable and running smooth at this show, but he was sloooooow. Not sure why, maybe he’s just unfit. Lune Valley in two weeks so we’ll see if we can get any improvement in speed there.

Rio got to mooch around the rings, I love her attitude at shows. She’s so relaxed! We sat and watched the Large G1-3 Jumping for a while and she sprawled across the grass and watched people wandering past. Absolutely no reaction to the running dogs, noise, people, dogs tugging, etc, other than occasional mild curiosity. She was very willing to tug and play when it was offered however. Love my Ri!