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    UKA Osberton – Judging

    I judged for Agility Antics at Osberton in October, which turned out to be a gorgeous warm day with no rain at all, perfect! I had a big ring on lovely flat ground, mostly even, and the grass was cut! There were some very very old remnants of cowpats, but not a single dog stopped to sniff so wasn’t an issue. We were finished just after lunch, my Ring Manager was very efficient and we were pretty strict on course-walking etc. Course plans are all below. Nursery and Casual ran over the same course as Beginners (with missing seesaw/weaves as appropriate!). The only real change I made was getting rid…

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    I judged at Dig It’s club competition this Friday, my first “judging appointment”! It was actually a lot of fun, but also exhausting, and it was only a 2hr stint. Judges, I have a new found appreciation for your skills. This was my course, just in case anyone is interested. It was supposed to be a fast and flowing 1-3 Jumping, and it seemed to run reasonably well! Lots of 5F rather than Es, and feedback was good. It was really great to see a lot of baby dogs doing so well! Because it was a fun club competition, once we were done, I was able to get Rio out…

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    NDDAC Osmaston 2013

    I’ve been meaning to do this show for years, Osmaston is one of my favourite showgrounds for flyball! I’ll definitely try and go back again next year, it’s a really gorgeous show. Due to some weekend date swaps this year, it clashed with Otley and Wigan in the same area (plus the big Thames show), which meant the class sizes were really small. Not that that mattered, since we didn’t get any clear rounds! G6-7 Jumping was a super course, really enjoyed running it. A long run to the wall and Dyl got a bit lost (my fault) so we ended up getting E’d shortly after that, but I was…

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    Lincoln 2013

    Haven’t done this show in a while. Kim won out of G1 here back in 2007, and last time we competed there Dylan was G3. It’s still nice, such a lovely showground, and it was the EO qualifying weekend which was actually one of the reasons I entered. It’s always fun to see the top dogs and handlers running! Dylan’s first run was in the C6-7 Agility (super course). I thought when walking that the dogwalk might be a problem, there was a tunnel underneath again and the sun was shining directly on to the up-plank. Dylan had a huge meltdown, absolutely refused to move, and I had to lead…

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    Tailwaggers March 2012

    I only entered Dylan at this show, and I only entered it as a whole bunch of people said they were going and then they didn’t. I’m not bitter. It was a good chance to see if Dylan really was ok though, since Novice+ courses tend to have a few more straight lines of obstacles and generally are faster courses. It’s usually filled with really good G6/7 dogs training but there were quite a few of the usual dogs missing, mainly because they’d all been at Ribble. We got some lovely courses all day; the jumping classes were generally challenging but fair, and the Agility classes were big open easy…

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    Ribble March 2012

    Resultswise, not such a good show. We didn’t bring home a single rosette. It also rained consistently. Apart from that, it was awesome. I entered Kim and Dylan, and didn’t know if Kim would want to play or if Dylan would be able to. Saying I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement; we were all joyously happy to be there and rocking out and running fast and easy and loving every single second. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, even if we did just bring home a lot of Es and faults. Kim was first up in her C1-7 Agility, in which we had no chance against the…

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    Hare'n'Hounds January 2012

    My main goal for this show was to try and keep Dylan relaxed. Partially successful, he wasn’t stressed but his jumping was shocking (stutter striding, tucked jumping) and his contacts were lacking in confidence (although he did the seesaw without an issue, so apparently that has passed?!) Nice course first thing in the G5-7 Agility, some complex sections and lots of handling options which I liked. Interesting to see that the Aframe had a double back to a tunnel and the Dogwalk was followed by a sharp right turn with a dummy jump ahead, which effectively caught out all the running contact dogs. I’m assuming that was by design of…

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    BAA Finals Weekend

    Saturday was a little weird. Dylan wasn’t running at his best, stuttering a little through certain jump sequences and just generally floating around and distracted. We were E’d in the Jumping Qualifier, and then came 3rd in everything else. I’m still not quite sure what was going on! Kim finished out of the placings in her two jumping runs, but she was the top Medium in the Steeplechase and was less than a second of Dylan’s time, so her times are reflecting how much she’s cranked it up recently. Had the most fun with both dogs in the Triple-A, this is Kim’s perfect game! She did a kickass run and…

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    Northern Festival of Agility: Part Three

    Waldridge Fell. The KC Novice Olympia Qualifier was a tricky little course, but being a Combined 3-5 I wasn’t expecting easy. I walked it and quite liked it – Julie Buchanan was judging and she always includes a wall and a brush fence, which I love. The only thing I wasn’t so keen on was the dogwalk approach, it was very offset and I was a bit concerned as to whether Dylan would keep his balance. As it happened, he skittered on the edge for a moment but kept powering on and did it nicely. We did perfectly on the rest of the course, until we reached 16 – it…

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    Northern Festival of Agility: Part One

    Most perfect agility holiday ever. Redcar is a fantastic venue; I’ve raved about it before, but it’s a huge rugby club/football club training ground, so perfectly flat mowed lawns, nice big exercise areas, and 400m away is the Stray, a beautiful and huge dog friendly beach. What could possibly be better?! Hare’n’Hounds ran the first half of the week, Saturday to Tuesday. Due to some flyballing issues, I didn’t enter Saturday so we travelled up on Sunday morning with Dylan. We had a so-so run in the first Grade 3 Agility, it wasn’t a very hard course but I held his Aframe contact and we were very wide and messy…

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