Dylan's Blog – Selby Game Fair

Dylan had a great time this weekend at Selby Game Fair, where the girls were flyballing with their new teams. It’s a huge fair, and had lots of new experiences for the boy. He behaved beautifully for the most part, and wasn’t at all fazed by the helicopter landing and taking off, or the gunshots, or the fun-fair rides. In fact, the only thing that really freaked him out were prams, which wasn’t so good. He also developed something of a dislike for Border Terriers, which I really wasn’t happy about; everytime one walked past, he went nuts, either trying to back up and barking or actually leaping forward and snapping, which is very unlike the dog I know.

I know this problem is based on fear, but I can’t work out how or why he’s got so scared of BT’s. He was fine with every other terrier shaped dog there, so I guess this is just something we’ll have to work on. The sheer busyness of the game fair did cause problems, because when he encountered the BT’s it tended to be in huge crowds of people, meaning there was no way I could stop and calm him down, or remove him from the action.