Dylan's Blog – March

Not many updates this month – I was busy with Crufts and Kim, obviously for the first part of the month, and then we have been moving clubs over these past few weeks. We’re now training with Leeds Owlers for flyball, and are in the process of looking for a new agility club for Kim. Unfortunately we haven’t found anywhere yet, which means Dylan’s agility work has come to a rather abrupt halt!

My lad has also been neutered this month, which has limited the amount I can realistically do with a puppy wearing a buster collar! We’ve been going over all the basics, of course, and I’ve started clicker-training his target. He’s working really nicely for the clicker, I think I just need a bit more confidence in using it. His target work is going really well; he will now run from a distance onto the target and stay on it until told otherwise, which I’m really pleased with.

His next big trip out will hopefully be to Carlton Towers to watch Kim & Mollie flyball with their new team-mates. Selby Game Fair is a big experience – it has Clay Pigeon Shooting, Flyball, Clever-Dogs, Disc Dogs, plus the normal agricultural fair stalls and tents etc. I’m confident that Dylan won’t be phased, but it’ll be an interesting day out! (P.S. Good Luck Jet, who is running in her first Starters comp at Selby. Go Jetly!)