Category: Health

  • A Distinct Lack of Excitement

    For Rio, anyway. Rio was spayed on the 28th March. Her stitches are due out on the 9th April. She will probably go back to agility training on 4th June. This is mainly because I am very over-cautious and K says it takes 60days for true muscle repair. Keeping her quiet is very hard; she […]

  • Shut Up and Drive

    Dylan is sound as a bell now, although I didn’t push our luck by taking him training. He is still being lead walked and if he continues to remain sound, he’ll return to normal life on Friday. Now I’m feeling more confident that he’s not crippled, I’m rolling my eyes a bit since of course […]

  • Change

    We’re beginning to settle into routines that don’t involve Mol. The big changes seem quite natural, it’s the little things that remind us of her; Rio laying in the doorway where Mollie usually laid, not having to shove her off the sofa when you sit down, not hearing her bark first when you come home. […]

  • January

    Mollie hasn’t been very well, which has been why I’ve already broken my annual resolution of blogging more often. She started acting a little bit off just before Christmas, and by the day after Boxing Day we were worried enough to take her to the vets. She feels very ribby and skinny, but when we […]

  • Target Training, Amongst Other Things

    Rio’s target reminder sessions are not going well. I am writing this post to remind myself not to move on until I am 100% happy with what I’m seeing, and I’m not. Also, we can’t have six months off and then expect a perfect behaviour straight out of the box. I need to get the […]

  • Bispham

    Our plan was to try and get to a beach sometime this bank holiday. It’s always a bit of a hassle; so few dog friendly beaches at this time of year, especially within 2 hours of us. We live pretty much in the centre of the country, it’s about the same distance to the East […]

  • Trips to Scotland

    My lovely quiet weekend wasn’t so lovely and quiet, since I agreed to travel up to Scotland with Katie for her new puppy. Baby Rave (Capehope Rave On) is very very cute and tiny and naughty! I am puppy sitting him one morning this week, so I can get a healthy dose of Do Not […]

  • Sneaky Beans

    Turns out Rio is an evil genius, who knew? She was flawlessly perfect at agility training this week. Crazy enthusiastic but uber focused and keen, choosing tuggy over distractions (even in the form of that mistress of temptation, Fly!) and working like a super puppy. We started with some recalls through tunnels, which is always […]

  • Extra Agility, a Rio Special

    Rio got some special Ri-only agility today. We had hired the arena for some extra training with the competition dogs this morning, but Dylan is still ill. He had lost some weight this month anyway (Dylan always does this at the start of the summer season when we go back to competing every weekend) but […]

  • Rest

    No shows for me this weekend. Dylan did need adjusting, and two days of rest before five classes isn’t enough. I’m disappointed we can’t go, but we have five weekends in a row of flyball and agility coming up so missing one day will be better in the long run. He’s on full rest right […]