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Time Flies

Where has the time gone since my last blog post?!

I am very happy to report Rio’s target training is now rolling along at a good pace. I took it back to basics and we did some shaping, and she’s now double-front-paw hitting from any position. I’m not comfortable asking her for wall-turns, I don’t think I know what I’m doing enough for that, so we did some sofa-turns instead. She’s ready for the chute now, I think, which means I actually have to finish the chute. Hmm …

We did some simple circle work last week at agility and Rio decided this was boring. As in, after two repetitions (once each way), as soon as I took her lead off she went and did the whole circle and then said right, what’s next? So I’m upping the difficulty this week, she’ll have to work for a living.

Dylan seems back to his normal self, bit of a podge but I think that’s because I’m walking them in a morning now and I always have a pocketful of treats. He’s up to 20.75kg, little fatman! He’s back at agility too since we have a competition this weekend, first one since the end of September! I’m looking forward to it, fingers crossed for some challenging courses.

The older ladies are doing well. I feel as though I don’t write about them often enough, but they are just cruising through life in their own equally special ways. Mollie is always doing her own thing, she is starting Rally class soon so that should keep her happily entertained! And to be reunited with her old frenemy Bryn, just like in the old days … !

Kim remains very noisy and has a tiny lump on her chest which worries me; I wish I could say it’s a minor worry, but actually it’s more of a “I’m going to burst into tears and be crippled by fear at any given moment” sort of worry. I love this dog, and I love her more now she’s old and slightly daft. This week I am greatly appreciating the time when she gets up after a good deep sleep, all creaky bones and warm squidgy muscles, and she does her slinky stretches and I scritch behind her ears to tell her how awesome she is. And then she usually goes and fetches her Monkey and kills it, and there are tufts of slowly disintegrating soft toy everywhere, constantly, because we do this routine three or four times a day at least. How on earth can I want her to stay anything but perfectly healthy?

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