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2012 Review

20 Weeks

I didn’t have any goals for 2012, but it was an interesting year. It was not a subtle year, or a kind year, or a gentle year. I want a lot of things for 2013, but I hope they all come about in a softer way.

Rio 10 Months

I still don’t feel comfortable setting goals with Dylan, he lives up to his name and we just have to play it by ear. I want him to be as happy and confident in competition as he is in training, but I know that this might be an impossible task. I think I need to continue trying to be more aware of when he is mentally struggling. I also need to learn how to accept that knowledge, to recover and move on from the frustration and disappointment it often carries.


For Rio, I’d like her to be happy and confident when she starts competing. I don’t want to pile expectations on her, especially during this first year. That’s as much as I’ll say, because otherwise I’m sure I’ll say something to jinx her or inadvertantly add a bit more pressure. I just want to have fun, and since that’s Rio’s outlook on life as well, I don’t think we’ll go far wrong.

The old ladies are sadly ever older. Kim is always chipper, she likes sleeping and lounging and barking (always always barking). Her body maybe isn’t what it was but it can still do everything she wants it to, and her mind is as sharp as it ever was. Mollie isn’t feeling well right now, which is worrying for all of us, and I will blog about that when I know more.

Onwards to 2013.

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