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Level Unlocked: Weaves

Rio can weave! Well, she can do four upright poles, and that counts in my book. We’ll work on taking her to a full set of 6 this week, and then progress will slow down again as I don’t have room for 12weaves at home.

Thus far, I’m pleased with how effective the 2×2 method has been, but I don’t think it’s necessarily the be-all-end-all method. I have been lucky enough to a) have relatively nice weather over the past month, and b) been able to steal 6 weaves from my agility group to bring home. If I didn’t have equipment which was easily accessable for very short, frequent sessions (ie, if you only see equipment when you’re at class once a week), I’m not sure how well it would have worked. I don’t think I’ve really gained the biggest advantages that this method should bring, either, because I have very limited space which means working on entries, and approaches at speed, has been impossible.

Rio also begins Rally this week, which should be fun. Mollie’s class finished last week, but due to her health, she wasn’t able to attend the last two classes so I took Kim instead. Kim does not have the heelwork for Rally, but she’s really cute at doing all the station exercises, and she really enjoyed her trips out, so she’s going to continue as well.

I’m very much enjoying not having flyball training or competitions to attend. I didn’t want to blog about my decision to leave my team – and the sport – before; it was both a very difficult decision, and a very, very easy one. I’m not going to another team and I’m not missing anything about flyball, at least not right now. Whilst I was sort of aware of it at the time, it’s only in leaving that I truly understood of how stressful flyball had become for me.

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