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Dylan had his first hydrotherapy session last night. I wish I’d taken my camera, he looked adorable! Mollie has a session every month to keep her moving, and we thought we’d let Dylan come along for some fun yesterday because the dog that usually shares Mol’s session couldn’t make it. I wasn’t sure whether he could even swim, but he just took it all in his stride and was straight in there, really confident and not at all bothered by the new surroundings or new dogs. I was very proud! He wore a doggy life-jacket for this first session, since he hasn’t quite got the hang of staying afloat, but it didn’t phase him and he was diving in with Mollie and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

At home our outdoor training is a bit restricted at the moment. By the time I get home from university it’s dark outside, and it’s impossible to get anything done. So we’re working in the hallway on just basic obedience, and getting him to “go on” down the hall. There isn’t much else to do right now! Realistically I won’t be able to start even basic agility training with him until February, when he’ll be 10 months old, but I’m not really bothered about rushing to bring him out at 18months. I’d rather make sure he’s enjoying himself and working well before I start chucking him into competitions. So he can start doing tunnels and flat A-Frames etc at that age, and we’ll take it from there.

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