Gentle introduction back to Wednesday night flyball training this week, Kim did five minutes of teacher-dog work with the starters and then Dylan did five minutes of boxwork. He is getting better and he is trying very hard, and hopefully if we can secure an upright/flat fronted box in the next few months we can start retraining over the winter. Mollie did ten minutes of crazy eyes interference, because she’s a bad dog.

After we were done with the flyball, Kim and Dylan both had their backs done by Kath the lovely chiropractor. Dylan needed more work than Kim, but neither had really major adjustments so they’re only down for a couple of days and should be fine for the weekend. Kim just needed some minor tweaks to her back, but really did need her hamstrings working on. That has probably been contributing to her lack of jumping power over the past month or so. Dyl has never needed an adjustment before, so it was a new experience for him! I think he found it quite relaxing once he realised that he wasn’t going to be allowed to join Bailey and Roxy in their football game and just had to stand still. We’ll see if it makes a difference to his agility next week!

Mollie, being built like a tank, is absolutely fine. She inflicts damage on others – dogs, people, flyball jumps, trees, dry stone walls. Quite a lot like a tank, really, she has the “through things, not around things” mentality.

It also looks like we might have found a new hydrotherapy pool, which would be really great for the collies if we can make it. It’s quite a trek to get there unfortunately but good hydro pools are hard to find. It’s not as important in the summer when the dogs can swim in the reservoirs (supervised, nobody panic!) and mill ponds, but getting somewhere sorted for the winter will be great.


Mollie and Dylan had a fantastic time at hydro again on Wednesday evening. I took my camera but as you can probably see I wasn’t a very good photographer! Bit too worried about getting it wet, and I couldn’t find the right settings.

Mollie spent about 15 minutes swimming on the rope against the jets, 7 minutes at the start and then another 7 later in the session. Dylan did about 12 minutes (7 & 5) as he hasn’t quite got Mollie’s swimming stamina yet! He’s a lot more subtle about signing when he’s tired too, we have to watch him. Mollie just starts lolling her tongue about and flailing, but Dylan just huffs very quietly. Of course, Mollie spends her whole time barking when Dylan’s swimming without her so you can’t hear him huffing. Although having said that, Dylan spends the whole time screaming when Mollie’s swimming without him. He really went into mad collie mode, Sarah said he just looked like Flloyd used to when he swam (um, for those of you who know Sarah or Flloyd!).

They spent the rest of the time just playing with their toys and diving in like nutters, which is when I took the photos. You can see how awesome the pool is, it’s circular and the jets are angled to create a current. Because it’s circular, you can also work on building different sides of your dog depending on their injuries etc. It’s also deep as it was originally built for rehabilitating injured Greyhounds (hence the poster in the background).


It’s been nearly 2 years since Mollie and Dylan last went to hydrotherapy. Mollie loves swimming more than she loves tennis balls, which is saying a lot! But Dylan hasn’t been since he was 8 months old and although he loved it then I wasn’t sure what he’d be like this time … well, no worries there! I’ve never seen him so excited, Mollie was barking her head off and Dylan was trembling before we let them go in.

They had a good session anyway. They spent about 15mins just playing and diving in and swimming about, and then Dylan spent just under 10mins swimming against the jets and Mollie did a little bit less because she’d worn herself out by that point.

Hopefully it’s going to be a monthly thing for them over the winter season as it’s fab for keeping them both toned up and happy. Kim doesn’t do swimming and I’m not sure she’d forgive me if I took her so this is a special collie thing for Mol and Dylan.

Dylan's Blog – Hydro

Dylan had his first hydrotherapy session last night. I wish I’d taken my camera, he looked adorable! Mollie has a session every month to keep her moving, and we thought we’d let Dylan come along for some fun yesterday because the dog that usually shares Mol’s session couldn’t make it. I wasn’t sure whether he could even swim, but he just took it all in his stride and was straight in there, really confident and not at all bothered by the new surroundings or new dogs. I was very proud! He wore a doggy life-jacket for this first session, since he hasn’t quite got the hang of staying afloat, but it didn’t phase him and he was diving in with Mollie and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

At home our outdoor training is a bit restricted at the moment. By the time I get home from university it’s dark outside, and it’s impossible to get anything done. So we’re working in the hallway on just basic obedience, and getting him to “go on” down the hall. There isn’t much else to do right now! Realistically I won’t be able to start even basic agility training with him until February, when he’ll be 10 months old, but I’m not really bothered about rushing to bring him out at 18months. I’d rather make sure he’s enjoying himself and working well before I start chucking him into competitions. So he can start doing tunnels and flat A-Frames etc at that age, and we’ll take it from there.