Gentle introduction back to Wednesday night flyball training this week, Kim did five minutes of teacher-dog work with the starters and then Dylan did five minutes of boxwork. He is getting better and he is trying very hard, and hopefully if we can secure an upright/flat fronted box in the next few months we can start retraining over the winter. Mollie did ten minutes of crazy eyes interference, because she’s a bad dog.

After we were done with the flyball, Kim and Dylan both had their backs done by Kath the lovely chiropractor. Dylan needed more work than Kim, but neither had really major adjustments so they’re only down for a couple of days and should be fine for the weekend. Kim just needed some minor tweaks to her back, but really did need her hamstrings working on. That has probably been contributing to her lack of jumping power over the past month or so. Dyl has never needed an adjustment before, so it was a new experience for him! I think he found it quite relaxing once he realised that he wasn’t going to be allowed to join Bailey and Roxy in their football game and just had to stand still. We’ll see if it makes a difference to his agility next week!

Mollie, being built like a tank, is absolutely fine. She inflicts damage on others – dogs, people, flyball jumps, trees, dry stone walls. Quite a lot like a tank, really, she has the “through things, not around things” mentality.

It also looks like we might have found a new hydrotherapy pool, which would be really great for the collies if we can make it. It’s quite a trek to get there unfortunately but good hydro pools are hard to find. It’s not as important in the summer when the dogs can swim in the reservoirs (supervised, nobody panic!) and mill ponds, but getting somewhere sorted for the winter will be great.

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