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Saturday Flyball

Kim and Mollie’s Starter team is looking so good! We did some team training and a little head-to-head for Diva. Mollie was a Bad Dog because my mother wasn’t there running her, but thankfully she had an experienced handler to keep her in line! Kim is thrilled to be back at training, and I’m so looking forward to running her this weekend. My hope is that she’ll actually be running with one of our Starter handlers and teaching them the ropes at the next tournament. Mollie doesn’t get offered to newbies, she’s has too many quirky habits!

Dylan ran really well. Due to a serious of unfortunate events he’s not able to run with his usual team this weekend, and is instead running with the top team dogs. I actually think running with the same dogs every tournament has really helped him; because we’ve been able to focus on his actual runs rather than being worried about everything else, he feels more confident about exactly what is expected from him, so switching teams hasn’t been as much of a worry. As the top team are missing their anchor dog, Dylan can slot in nicely on the end and over the same hurdle height as usual, so we are reducing the amount of changes he has to deal with. As it was, we kept the changes easy and he ran very smoothly, so I was happy!

Rio didn’t come training, mainly because it was raining and I could not be bothered to dry her off again. But also because Saturday is Team Training rather than Starter/Baby dog training, so it was nice to get to focus on Dylan.

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