Northern Festival of Agility: Part Two

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The beach at Redcar is gorgeous, all endless miles of sand and sea. Dylan and I spent a couple of hours there by ourselves earlier in the week, but the girls arrived on Thursday and Dylan was ridiculously excited to see them again so we spent all afternoon there.

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Probably one of the few times you’ll spot me on camera; Mum took over camera duties whilst I tried to persuade Kim to swim. She didn’t, but she went much deeper than normal and didn’t flail like an idiot, so maybe her one and only hydro session did her some good.

Also, have I mentioned the weather? Because the weather. Wow. Every single picture looks bright and sunny and warm because it was.

Beach ShakeKim and Dylan on the Stray at RedcarHappy on the beach

Paws to Valentines

This was the best way to spend Valentine’s Day. I drove the dogs up to Castle Hill and we ranged all over the footpaths; Mollie interrupted all the snuggling teenagers and Dylan tried to knock people over as he raced past. Kim was on her own mission, which involved digging up as many moles as she could find. She didn’t find any, but it’s always worth a shot.

Mollie did try and adopt herself out to several families who were out for a Sunday stroll, but none of them would take her home. Poor Mol, she’s stuck with us! I did have to send my dad to go and fetch her back after she latched on to a certain couple who were throwing a ball for their own dog, a very patient Collie/Staffie cross. Dad returned carrying her, because she wouldn’t actually leave them alone. She was looking plaintively over his shoulder, but as soon as her paws hit the floor she was off, racing Kim down the banks.

The fitness regime is kicking in, and all the gang are starting to get their streamlined figures back. Dyl has lost almost everything he gained, and his ribs are almost back to touch. Mollie still looks like a bit of a bear, but it’s her fluffy winter coat, and “Fat Rolls Kim” has her waistline back, although her belly is still clinging. It’s hard to get the old ladies to shift their fat.

cloudsWe did two lazy circuits of the hill, and the dogs did at least six mad laps of the hill. We all stood and watched a bit of the rugby going on below, and then wandered up to the castle for a nosy. It wasn’t open today, otherwise I’d have got some photos from the top. The lovely sunshine had all gone and the clouds were rolling in, so we came home a bit early and didn’t let the dogs blast over the kite field. I don’t think they minded so much.

I think Dylan wishes every day could be Valentine’s Day.

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