Swimmers Turn and a Lack of Enthusiasm

I thought Dylan might actually be tired today, considering how completely nutty he was at training yesterday, but apparently not. Even more surprising, Kim also was not tired at all, and was throwing toys at my head last night whilst I was trying to sleep. Apparently my dogs are a lot fitter than I am!

This post was going to include one of the most boring videos of Dylan you would ever see, but in the end I couldn’t bring myself to edit it — it was that dull. We brought the spare box home from flyball this weekend with the intention of working on Dylan’s swimmers turn, and I got the box out on Monday evening. It was not a good training session for us; I did 10 or so reps and then called it. I filmed all our reps to check he was getting the action that I wanted him to, but Dylan was not motivated, and I couldn’t motivate myself to make it exciting.

The problem is that I find myself getting immediately frustrated as soon as we start. Mainly with myself, of course, because I can’t see why he can’t get it. Dylan has been working on his turn since last October (with 6 weeks off over Christmas) and has done thousand of reps. He can do this turn, he does 85% of the time. But I can’t get it 100% and I can’t understand what is different on that other 15% that makes him do mess it up so badly. And because I’m so frustrated I can’t get excited or relax, which rubs off on him.

I’m going to leave it for the rest of this week and concentrate on the agility competition this weekend (which I am so excited about!). I’ll think on it and probably have a chat to Julie, and then I’ll start again next week and see how we go. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Swimmers Turn and a Lack of Enthusiasm”

  1. I get like this from time to time, normally in obedience but occasionally in other disciplines too. Then I’ll realise that I’m pushing too hard and putting too much pressure on the dogs to do it right, consequently resulting in neither of us enjoying at as we should. Its easy to do because you know what you want your dog to do, you know your dog is more than capable of it and yet cant understand why he/she doesn’t. What works best for me in that instance is, like you, to take a break and focus on something else. Then, before I know it we’re enjoying it again and doing well.

    Exactly that happened with Pips heelwork last year, so I relaxed and took it easy. Before I knew it the little madam was strutting her stuff and not only won 2 pre-beginners but also qualified for the semi final at discover dogs. I’ve just got to do the same again this year.

  2. I will try and get videos Nat! 😀 You’ll just have to do a BAA show sometime and watch the tall boy in action yourself 😉

    Vicki – Thank you! You’ve written exactly what I would have liked to say, and it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who gets bogged down like this. Hopefully Dylan will be as successful with his box as Pip has been with her heelwork.

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