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  • Really Long Day by Dylan

    Hi! I’m Dylan. My mum has been calling me 22″-at-the-withers-Dylan-arg today in a despairing voice, and this is why. Here’s a picture of me. I can’t remember what I was looking at but it must have been interesting! I was really sad and confused as my mum only took me across the road for a […]

  • Dylan is on form this week!

    Mollie has clearly been having words with Dylan recently; he’s overcome his fear of the seesaw and flyball is suddenly exciting! He had a fantastic training session last night, he did some perfect swimmer’s turns off the box without any training aids at all. We’re going to start introducing a command word now to remind […]

  • Sodding Dog!

    Well, after all my frustration with Dylan earlier this week, the bloody dog turns out to be a genius! Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. But it’s amazing how a good training session can turn everything around again. We finally got around to doing a bit more boxwork this week, and I […]

  • An Essay Writing Diversion: Kim and Dylan

    I really should be writing my essays right now, especially because I entered Shrewsbury this weekend knowing full-well that my essays would be due in next week. Just another 3500 words to go … Dylan and I had a horrible training session yesterday. I was going to post about it in an attempt to try […]

  • EMDAC April 08

    Arg, what a horrible weekend. It’s weekends like this that make me want to walk away and not bother any more! Kim Saturday didn’t start well, Kim was very flat in her Clockwork Tunnels and it basically got worse from there! We didn’t get a decent clear round until the last run of the day […]

  • Swimmers Turn and a Lack of Enthusiasm

    I thought Dylan might actually be tired today, considering how completely nutty he was at training yesterday, but apparently not. Even more surprising, Kim also was not tired at all, and was throwing toys at my head last night whilst I was trying to sleep. Apparently my dogs are a lot fitter than I am! […]

  • Flyball, Agility, youTube Magic

    After all the chaos with Dylan’s box at Selby, I wasn’t entirely looking forward to training again! But (typical dog!) he was absolutely paw-perfect on his turns. Well, almost. 4/5 times he has a perfect swimmers turn, and then on the 5th run he does something entirely new and unexpected. It’s very frustrating! I now […]

  • Carlton Towers Flyball

    Well, I’ve never flyballed in the snow before. Barking Owlers came 2nd in their Division, although to be honest we really didn’t expect to. The Beardies came into season this week and had to drop out, so we were left with four competitive dogs, plus Chewy. On the day, we also lost one of our […]

  • Carlton Towers Starters

    The boy did good … ish! Our lovely team the Little Owlers were in Division A, and we won two of six heats so not too shabby! We weren’t the fastest team in the world as we weren’t really bothering with changeovers, but all our dogs ran brilliantly Dylan handled the pressure fantastically, he took […]

  • Selby

    Just two days to go until Dylan’s big flyball debut! It’s going to be really odd doing Starters again, Kim moved up to Sanctioned tournaments in 2005. Hopefully it will be a good experience for him. I’m confident that he knows what he’s doing and won’t be phased by the atmosphere, as he’s been going […]