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    Flyball Homework

    Rio’s hits on the box are looking good and she’s ready to move on to turning with a ball in the box (untriggered). Unfortunately she can’t seem to get put the turn and the ball retrieve together. Box = Turn, in Rio’s mind! I seem to have taken a mildly ball obsessed Rio and turned her into a dog who has a total lack of interest in the ball. Not quite what I was aiming for. We’ve worked back up and she’ll retrieve on the flat now, but she wouldn’t retrieve from the box during our recent sessions. Our homework is to try and combine the two. At training, she…

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    My last post apparently ruffled a lot of feathers, which is sort of funny really, since most of the offended parties weren’t the people I was thinking of when writing. Strange how that happens, isn’t it? None of the offended people spoke to me directly either in response. I stand by what I said however. There are a lot of issues in flyball, some which are just topics of debate that I haven’t made my mind up about (ie. the NAFA/European swing) but some which are genuine problems (and the issues which aren’t problems are much less pressing than those which are, but that also seems open for debate). I…

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    Rio Recalls

    Rio stepped up to two hurdles this week. You can see what a puppy she still is as she runs, but also what a different kind of movement she has anyway compared to the collies. Border collies (like Dyl) run with a much lower action, head down. Rio will flatten off as she matures and drives forward more, but no where near as much as Dylan does. We’re still working on a bit of box work at home, and she’ll probably step up to three hurdles in a few weeks, and then four toward the end of the month. Many thanks to Katie for the video!

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    The Team

    Felt a little bit like I had my own personal team of flyball dogs this week at Thursday training. Kim and Mollie are both back to competition next weekend in Starters with another of our older but experienced dogs, Lucy, and two of our proper Starter dogs. Mollie was so excited to be back, she ran herself out over 7″ quite quickly but she’s sound and happy today. Kim wasn’t quite as stupid, she doesn’t have the muscle tone for flying over 7″ jumps anymore. She has a weird skipping stride on the way up to the box but I genuinely think it’s a striding issue; she’s spent her entire…

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    Swallownest May 2012

    We stuck with our original lineup for Dylan’s team and it worked well, we were running more consistent times but not nearly as fast as I would like. Chip and Dylan were running just over 10s as a pair pretty much all day, which I was pleased about as a consolation. They’re running over 14″, and taking into account starts and changeovers, must both be running under 5s. We desperately need a height dog as it would drop us from 21-22s times to 19s easily. Dylan’s boxturn was sharp but not perfect, 3 paw hits most of the day, but it was slippy underfoot and he actually fell over completely…

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    Drax May Bank Holiday #1

    We did not have a very successful day at Drax. Mollie’s team chose to go NFC rather than withdraw after super height dog Bails got injured this week. Unfortunately this is a problem with a team consisting primarily of Veteran dogs; if any one of them gets injured, then the whole team struggles. Obviously with a height dog missing it’s even worse! The team did really well anyway, all the dogs looked great and Diva stepped up to run in her first Open setting. Dylan’s team … the less said about the morning racing the better. We weren’t sure what lineup was going to work best as some dogs either…

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    April Showers

    Nothing but rain at the moment. I wanted to take the dogs out to Digley for a good walk today but I can’t face getting soaked yet again, so they’re having to make do with a chew instead. Despite the weather, flyball training was relatively mud-free! Dylan was excellent, I’ve been making an effort to get the stride regulator in for him and it makes such a difference. We did some head-to-head singles which I love, we need to do it more often! It makes Dylan and I work harder, but also allows us to work on individual training issues as well. Not only that, but for Dyl it’s a…

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    Tired Bean

    Very productive flyball training session today. Although we were working the dogs in each team together, we mainly worked on individual stuff. Dylan did some jump-box-6 jumps back. Which is exhausting for me but really gives him a workout! It also encourages him to chase me back; he has always come back off the box faster than he goes up, but it never hurts to drill his recalls more. Rio did some recalls off the box with a stride regulator in, which was fun! I love seeing her do this, she’s only 7 months old but it’s a restrained recall with a few props and she does 5 recalls maximum.…

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    Pre-Drax Flyball Training

    Mollie came back from her walk on Thursday looking a little bit lame, nothing drastically unusual as Mollie has no body awareness or respect for things like walls, trees, solid banks of earth, so she does occasionally come back a little stiff from her walks. Unfortunately, one recall and one run at flyball training this morning proved that it’s not a little stiffness and is looking like a muscle injury. Being the panic-stricken pessimist that I am when it comes to injuries, I immediately assume it’s a horrific injury like a cruciate or iliopsoas tear, because I have been waiting for one of those two to happen for years and…

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    Muddy Puppies

    Hate this time of year, our flyball training field isn’t bad for draining but there is only so much time for water to go away! The mud is awful, lots of bathed dogs and very short sessions. Dylan hasn’t flyballed since the beginning of December, so we were a little out of practice. Got some boxwork warmups done before running at least. He’s running without a height dog in our next tournament at Drax, which is just one of those things we can’t do much about at the moment as my height dog (Kim!) is retired, and the other two are being used by the other two teams. One of…