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Epworth/Drax/DruridgeBay/Somewhere Flyball

We were originally entered at Epworth, but then venue changes and tournament changes and we ended up running at Drax. The dogs got to compete and everyone was happy, and our top team actually won their division despite running a little slower than usual.

The Starters came 4th (of 5). So happy to be running my Kim again, she had the best day and couldn’t stop smiling at everyone! Mollie had a ball and Diva ran like a superstar, so huge thank yous to Stormchasers for letting us tag on to their team.

Rave Tuggy

Barking came last, unsurprisingly since Biba isn’t running consistently which meant we were down to four dogs, including two who cannot run all day. As a result, the team times were still very slow. It’s out of my control at this point, but I am pleased that Dylan ran well. Chip was running just over 5s and as a pair they clocked 10.03, which suggests Dylan was around 4.8-4.9s … I’m going to ask for splits at the next tournament so I can find out exactly. Whatever his singles times, he seems to be consistently under 5s which considering he’s running over 14″ and running every leg is not too shabby.

Rio came and played agility by the cars, thankfully this was a very small tournament so there was plenty of room for me to set a jump up! She was offering wing-wraps like it was going out of fashion, and she did some send-ons as well. Still figuring out her feet over the small height jumps, her take offs aren’t always pretty as this stage but she’s learning. She did well at working through distractions (like Diva and collective Beardies) so I was very happy with her as well. I spent the rest of the day snuggling Rave and admiring Jet, who is looking particularly gorgeous at the moment. She likes having Katie home!


You should all definitely check out Dog Rad Design (FB link); Cat was taking the photos for this tournament and they are stunning!

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