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    21 Weeks

    I have been trying to get Rio to some busier places this week, hence our park trips and village walks. It’s a bit difficult as due to our walking locations, social night-time walks feel too uncomfortably unsafe (even if they’re perfectly safe), so we’re limited to daylight strolls. Sadly, not many people around during the day compared to evening or early morning, and as flyball training was cancelled last week we missed our social weekend too. I’m hoping Rio can come join me at agility on Tuesday for some socialisation but it takes pre-planning as I need to help set up and get Emma to take the Foundation class. We’re…

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    Trips to the Park

    We’ve been venturing further afield this week down to the big Meltham Hall park. Apparently it’s not called that any more, but whatever, it is. This means 15mins of on-lead road walking to get there and back, which is definitely something we need to work on. All my dogs pull on the lead, I’m rubbish at training them not to. Mainly because we never have to walk anywhere on lead, so it seems like a pointless kind of skill. I’m trying to be better with Rio and teach her not to pull, we’re about 60% there but we have relapses. We’re mainly hitting the park as there is a big…

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    17 Weeks

    Nearly 18 weeks, really. Not so many tricks these past 2 weeks, mostly house manners and walk manners and visiting manners. I finally knuckled down and started working properly on REA, I’ve been a bit wary as I haven’t shaped it before and I was struggling to mark the right things. Thought about it without Rio, and then attempted to put the plan into action. It took us four sessions to get a rear foot target on the box, but they were short sessions (30s – 5mins) over the course of the day. She was getting slightly frustrated by the third session, but I think that was partly because she…

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    Early Mornings in November

    I think the big dogs are enjoying their Rio-free walks. They get to enjoy them for a while longer yet, as even when she’s allowed out, she’ll be heading out on much shorter walks until she’s grown a bit more. Kim or Mollie will chaperone one younger dog each, depending on the day and the time and how cold it is. Kim doesn’t like to go so far in the cold. She had to wear one of her snoods this weekend! The fog came down for the whole day after our lovely morning stroll though. A little creepy, we were glad to be heading home by the end of it.

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    Hare'n'Hounds October Halloween

    Kim had a great run first thing in the Combined 1-7 Jumping, a course with just jumps (no tunnels/weaves), so it was a pure speed kind of course. She finished 7th, I think 4/5s off the winners but she was the top Grade 6 by 8 seconds or something ridiculous. That was fun, but frustrating, as I ended up pulling her from the only Graded class of the day as I thought her jumping looked off mid-way through. I’m not going to keep her going just for the sake of one more win, but it really would be nice for her to reach Grade 7 before she retires. She is…

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    Graveyard Playtime

    Graveyard Playtime Originally uploaded by kayanem Yep, playing in the church graveyard. Wheeee! I’d explain, but really, do you need an explanation?

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    Rocket Relay Seminar #2

    Thoroughly enjoyed this second seminar. Team Fever ( did another awesome job organising, and Kelly and Aaron from Rocket Relay were as good as they were last time they visited the UK in March. Lots of new things to work on, and a lot of new insights for me personally. I know a lot more about BAT training for behaviour than I did at the start of the summer, and it was interesting to see how much of this training is linked to that idea of considering thresholds, and teaching the dog a better behaviour rather than just managing the problem. Having been at both seminars helping, it was interesting…

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    Indian Summer

    The warm weather has been so lovely, we even managed to get some more swimming done before winter! As an aside, this was the only photo where Dylan’s expression wasn’t screaming “SHARKS! SHARKS EVERYWHERE! SHARKS BEHIND ME!”, which is why it’s the only one that got uploaded. He does actually love swimming, and was toodling around completely unprompted about 20ft from the banks, just because he can. I was hoping the weather would last, but I hear it’s all downhill from now on. Ever the optimist, let’s all keep our fingers crossed it stays like this until Bonfire Night. It’s allowed to be cold after that. No photos of Mol…

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